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    Eat Like a Local in Cologne

    Travel_Motion / iStock

    GERMANY: Fancy a Half a Cock? Or some Cologne caviar? Cologne has almost as many national specialities as Frankfurt has skyscrapers. And choosing what to try can be daunting with meaty dishes like "Himmel und Äd" to vegetarian treats like "Halve Hahn" or desserts like "Mutzenmandeln". If you're heading our way, here are our top tips to eating like a local.

    A Touch of Tradition in the "Bei d'r Tant"

    You're new in town and faced with a menu that offers you "Halve Hahn" (half a cock) or "Kölscher Kaviar" (Cologne caviar). What do you do? The names are actually reason enough to try these Cologne dishes at "Bei d'r Tant", dishes but, alas, they don't live up to their exotic promise. Halve Hahn is a rye roll with cheese and spices and Kölscher Kaviar is black pudding with onion rings and bread - both are rustic and equally as delicious and, we think, best enjoyed with a refreshing beer.  If rustic eating takes your fancy, you won't want to miss this place!

    "Himmel und Äd" at Max Stark 

    In addition to their wide selection of local dishes such as "Himmel und Äd" - a traditional dish of creamy mashed potatoes mixed with apple pieces, Max Stark gives their diners extra helpings of hospitality with every interaction. The restaurant is rather small and cosy, but always jam packed with happy people. And, with inexpensive daily specials, we suggest you make reservations well in advance to secure a spot.

    “Mutzenmandeln” at Zimmermanns

    “Mutzenmandeln” is Cologne's famous sweet pastry, baked in butter sculptured in the shape of almonds. We'll admit, it does contain a lot of calories but, in this case, they are definitely worth breaking your diet for. Zimmermann bakery on Ehrenstraße, loving follows traditional recipes - without preservatives - and the results are delicious!

    Kölsch in the "Kölschbar”

    What would Cologne be without its typical hoppy full-bodied beer, the “Kölsch”? The trendy Kölschbar pub makes it into our top 5 for this reason alone. Located on the edge of the hip Belgian quarter, you can not only enjoy a cool Kölsch here, but also their own creation, "Mexikölner" - a spirit made from tomato juice, beer brandy and fiery ingredients. There is also a foosball table where the bar's visitors can mingle and get to know each other over a friendly game.

    Cologne-Style Tapas 

    If you can't make up your mind on what to choose, the brewhouse "Em Ringströßje" is the perfect choice to sample the city wares, with their share plates and bite-sized dishes. Think traditional cuisine using regional ingredients and service with a smile. Insider tip: if you like your chips, their homemade French fries are an absolute highlight.

    Australian Hospitality

    G'day mate! What can we say, an extraordinary mix of Cologne and Australian cuisine awaits you at the "other side bar'n'kitchen". The cuisine and drinks are excellent, and the food is plated beautifully if you're looking to boost your Instagram following.  And the best is yet to come: after a long day of sightseeing, you won't have far to go from the Adina Hotel Cologne, because the "other side" is located on the ground floor of our hotel. So, if we have whet your appetite for adventure, why not book a stay and let the planning begin.