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    24 Hours in Copenhagen

    EUROPE: Despite its 600,000 inhabitants, the coast capital of Denmark is rather compact in terms of size and area making sightseeing a breeze. You can reach most places worth seeing on foot or by bike, so we've pulled together our top experiences to while away 24-hours spend in Copenhagen.

    A Foodie's Guide to Leipzig

    GERMANY: The city of Leipzig stands out when it comes to their food and restaurant scene, partly because the city has always been more prosperous than its rural surroundings. Leipzig's Chefs have naturally used this to their full advantage, whipping up some incredible cuisine in some lovely locations. Today, we'll show you what's good and where to find it!

    Discover Singapore's Hidden Gems

    Stepping ashore onto the sunny, tropical island of Singapore brings you to a modern and vibrant city that offers its visitors food, fun and culture. While Singapore used to be considered a ‘stopover’ for travellers on the way to its larger Asian neighbours, this is no longer true as the country is now a highly desirable vacation spot.