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    Local Tips to Exploring Nuremberg

    While Germany's, Nuremberg may be well known for its medieval cityscape among travellers, it's the locals that tell us there's so much more waiting to be discovered in the Old Town. So, Swen, Duty Manager at Adina Hotel Nuremberg, shares his tips and favourite places to visit so you too can explore Nuremberg like a local.

    Five Tips for a Night Out in Cologne

    Discover the thrilling side of this Cologne as the sun sets and the nightlife comes alive. From exciting adventures in the Belgian Quarter to classical music at the Cologne Opera, a mysterious night walk, a brewery in the Old Town and romantic moments by the Rhine River, the choices are endless! Here's the most captivating places and activities for unforgettable night out in Cologne.

    Discover Stuttgart & Wiesbaden Wine Regions

    It's that special time of year again - harvest season in Germany's wine regions. So why not get to know what it's all about with a trip to Stuttgart and Wiesbaden - home to some of the country's best vineyards - and Adina Hotels. From the red wine growing region of Württemberg to the idyllic Rheingau, known for its Riesling, we have the best experiences for you.