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    A Road Trip through Germany

    Image: blackCAT / iStock

    GERMANY: Whether it's spring, summer or autumn - Germany offers an unforgettable road trip experience, so much so it's the top destination to explore on four wheels. Despite the great adventure factor, majority of poeple prefer to stay in a hotel at the end of the day. So why not travel from Adina Hotel to Adina Hotel? With 10 hotels located in the heart of Germany's most fascinating cities, Adina is the perfect base for your epic road trip. And thanks to the central locations, you can park the car and see plenty city attractions on foot. But where to start you ask? Let's start the journey.

    Rhenish Lifestyle in Dusseldorf

    Start in the beautiful capital of North Rhine-Westphalia: Dusseldorf! The city on the Rhine is known for its art and fashion, so visitors should not miss the Kö - Germany's widest street at 87m. On the Königsallee promenade, you can shop and feast unconditionally, and if you love Asian food, Dusseldorf is home to the famous "Little Tokyo" district - the third largest Japanese enclave in Europe. The city also has 260 pubs, restaurants and bars in the old town, so you won't go hungry!

    An architectural highlight in the city is the new Zollhof. With its special façade and undulating shape, be inspired and don't forget to take a photo! The best way to end the day is at the Adina Hotel Dusseldorf not just because of the pool with an impressive view, but also for its spectacular bar with the best cocktail creations.

    Cologne - Authentic Metropolis on the Rhine

    From Dusseldorf, continue along the Rhine for 40km until you reach Cologne. Here you can taste traditional Kölsch beer and Cologne delicacies. The beer is so renowned that in some Cologne computer shops, you can actually find keyboards where the "Alt" key has been replaced by a "Kölsch" key! Wouldn't that be a souvenir of a special kind?

    Those who want to declare their love to their special person should make their way to the famous Hohenzollern Bridge opposite Cologne Cathedral. With a bit of luck, there is space to add your special love lock alongside many others. And while we're on the subject of love, there's one thing we mustn't forget: chocolate! At the Cologne Chocolate Museum, young and old can discover how raw cocoa is turned into a delicious praline, of course there's taste testing opportunities along the way. After an eventful day in Cologne, you can relax in comfort at Adina Hotel Cologne

    Wiesbaden - One of the Oldest Spas in Europe

    Drive a little further along the Rhine, for about two hours, to reach beautiful Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse. The Adina Wiesbaden is located in the newly designed Quartier “Kureck” and is the perfect base to exploring this charming little town. The spa town Wiesbaden has some of the hottest thermal springs in Europe, as 2 million litres of 67-degree mineral water bubble every day from a total of 26 springs. The Kochbrunnen thermal spring is right next to the Adina Hotel, as is the Kurhaus - The State Theatre - Wiesbaden's most famous sight. After a relaxing hot spring and site visit, take a long walk through the beautiful Kurpark. From time to time, you will also hear the chimes of the Marktkirche from the Adina Hotel, but they are by no means just any chimes. With 49 bronze bells, it is one of the largest carillons in Germany!

    Frankfurt am Main - High up to Mainhattan

    From the tranquil town of Wiesbaden, travel from the Rhine along the Main to Frankfurt, around 39km. Here, the cityscape is unique as Frankfurt is home to 14 of the 15 tallest buildings in the country. Since this skyline is more reminiscent of metropolises in Australia or America, the city on the Main is also affectionately known as "Mainhattan". Both the Adina Hotel Frankfurt Westend and the Adina Frankfurt Neue Oper are right in the middle of the skyline, so you won't miss them! From the hotel you can uncover the cuty's fascinating history. For example, did you know that Frankfurt is the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? A famous German poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, theatre director, and critic. His childhood home can be visited today and is even Germany's most popular poet's memorial. And if you want to follow in the footsteps of crowned emperors too, don't miss the Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus (St. Bartholomew's Cathedral) on a tour of Frankfurt. It offers a charming contrast to the modern skyscrapers with its historic buildings all around.

    Leipzig - Lively and Full of Culture

    From Frankfurt, take a long 4 hour drive to the musical capital of Europe - Leipzig. Not only was Johann Sebastian Bach born in Leipzig in 1750 - many other famous artists also lived here at a time. And wouldn't it be great to claim that you dined where Goethe once dined? Pay a visit to the historic restaurant Auerbachs Keller, which dates back to 1525.

    If you want to follow more trails of the art and music scene, there is the city route "Leipziger Notenspur", which takes music lovers through 800 years of music history. And if you're not a music buff, stroll through the alleys of Leipzig and discover something new. From the Adina Hotel Leipzigexplore Leipzig's famous courtyards, or admire the historic Monument to the Battle of the Nations, which can also be seen from the upper floors of the Adina Leipzig. And while you're discovering Leipzig, pay attention to the many bridges. Leipzig actually has more bridges than Venice, with a proud total of 457!

    Your Home Away From Home - No Matter Where 

    Whether you're driving this route or planning your own individual road trip, seek comfort at our Adina Hotel's with 10 hotels in Germany and more across Vienna, Geneva, Budapest and Copenhagen. In addition, Adina Hotels offer you everything you need after a long car journey. From large rooms and an extra living area to put your feet up, to a kitchen, a washer-dryer and a wellness area for extensive relaxation, sit back and relax with 4-star hotel service. Discover our current offers and start your unforgettable road trip today!