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    Finally18! Discover Adina Hotels in Europe

    Image: Adina Hotels Europe

    EUROPE: With the opening of Adina Apartment Hotel Geneva this year, there's now 18 amazing Adina Apartment Hotels in Europe. To celebrate this milestone, let's take a journey across the continent to uncover some fascinating history and insights into each Adina Hotel in Europe. 

    1/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Budapest

    In 1997, the first Adina Hotel in Europe opened in the capital of Hungary, pioneering the Australian lifestyle in European cities. The Adina Apartment Hotel Budapest is the perfect place to relax in one of the most beautiful city's in Eastern Europe.

    2/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen

    We head further north to “hygge” Denmark. The Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen is not only the northernmost Adina Hotel in Europe, it’s also the closest to the sea. The famous Little Mermaid scultpure, a tribute to the fairy tale story, is just a few minutes away at the Langelinie Quay in Copenhagen.

    3/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie

    The Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Checkpoint Charlie was the first Adina Hotel in Germany, open in 2007. The hotel impresses with a spacious courtyard and its historically important location. At the time of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie was the border crossing between the Soviet and American sectors. Today, visitors will find many reminders of the former separation and you can learn a lot about Berlin's history in this area. 

    4/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Neue Oper

    The Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Neue Oper is located in the centre of Frankfurt's imposing skyscrapers. There's two luxurious Sky Suites with a spacious private roof terrace from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the skyline and the River Main. The suites have special features like extra-large window fronts, a cooking island, a telescope and a bathtub from which you can also enjoy panoramic views.

    5/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Mitte

    Our two-bedroom apartments with a large living area and two separate bedrooms are very spacious for guests. But the Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Mitte goes one step further - it's the only Adina Hotel in Europe that offers a three-bedroom apartment with a view of the TV tower. Simply perfect for families or groups of friends. 

    6/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Hamburg Michel

    The Michel, one of Hamburg's most famous landmarks, is not far from the Adina Apartment Hotel Hamburg Michel, as the name suggests. While the hotel is located in a quiet, homely neighbourhood, guests can walk just a few minutes around the corner to find the lively area of Landungsbrücken, home to floating jetties, ferries and plenty of opportunities to enjoy culinary delights and purchase a souvenir or two. 

    7/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin Hackescher Markt

    Anyone entering the lobby of the Adina Apartment Hotel at Hackescher Markt will probably notice an aeroplane made of metal objects on the wall. On closer inspection, you will recognise nail files, folding knives, corkscrews and more. But what is it all about? Well, it's a work of art made from objects that were once left behind at the airport security checkpoint. Would you have guessed it? 

    8/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Nuremberg

    The Adina Apartment Hotel Nuremberg used to be a bank branch and still harbours an underground secret from that time. The old vault with safe deposit boxes can still be found in the basement. But a robbery is futile, as the lockers are of course empty today... 

    9/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Hamburg Speicherstadt

    As the name suggests, our Adina Apartment Hotel Hamburg Speicherstadt has a special location in Hamburg's Speicherstadt, the largest historic warehouse complex in the world. The hotel's own restaurant and bar is named after it, called "Storehouse". Here, guests can enjoy a delicious selection of lunch and dinner dishes as well as drinks. Incidentally, you can even see the famous Elbphilharmonie concert hall from some of the rooms!

    10/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Westend

    The second Adina Apartment Hotel in Frankfurt is also located between the impressive skyscrapers thanks to its prime location in the Europaviertel district. Did you know that 14 of the 15 tallest buildings in Germany are in Frankfurt, or "Mainhatten" as it is often called? 

    11/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Leipzig

    The address of the Adina Apartment Hotel Leipzig, Brühl 50, actually has a special historical significance: Brühl is one of the oldest streets in Leipzig and used to be known as the world street of furs. Fittingly, the Adina is located in the former VEB Brühlpelz ("Brühl Fur") building. The so-called "Brühl Furs" were the city's most important source of income until 1933 and Leipzig was known worldwide for its fur trading centre on Brühl. 

    12/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Vienna Belvedere 

    Every Adina Hotel has its own gym. At the Adina Apartment Hotel Vienna Belvedere, local graffiti artist Markus Buchsbaum specially created unique murals on the walls to add colour and fun to the space. Can you guess which famous bodybuilder comes originally from Austria and therefore adorns our wall next to a boxing kangaroo?

    13/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Munich

    With the opening of the Adina Apartment Hotel Munich, Adina went higher than ever, at 86 metres tall, the hotel is not only our tallest Adina in Europe, it's also the tallest hotel in Munich. Guests can enjoy the view and nearby Alps from one of two roof terraces on the 25th floor. One terrace is home to a wellness area, and the other, a rooftop bar and lounge.

    14/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Cologne

    The Adina Apartment Hotel Cologne's interior design see's peacock feathers adorning carpets, walls, lifts and vases. There's even a peacock Instagram wall, designed by local artist Daniel Lisson, which has become a popular attraction at Adina Cologne. Incidentally, it's also a very popular photo motif during the popular Cologne Carnival.

    15/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Wiesbaden

    The Adina Apartment Hotel Wiesbaden was designed by the award-winning Swiss star architect Max Dudler, which will immediately catch the eye of connoisseurs of his work. The modern design looks like a large cube that has been placed on top of the lower building, making the front of the hotel seem to float in the air.

    16/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Dusseldorf

    The Adina Apartment Hotel Dusseldorf has several special features. The first that impresses guests upon entering the hotel is the unique combination of reception and bar in the shape of a giant golden tree. A few floors above is the modern co-working space, which is unique to Adina Hotels. And a few floors above that is the pool with a perfect view from the top floor. 

    17/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Stuttgart

    With the hotel's own BarSTRonomy, the Adina Apartment Hotel Stuttgart not only offers delicious drinks and food, but also one of the few rooftop bars in Stuttgart. In addition to a marvellous view over the city, you can admire the special architecture of the popular city library from here.

    18/18 Adina Apartment Hotel Geneva

    In March 2023, the 18th Adina Hotel in Europe was opened. Adina Apartment Hotel Geneva, which is also the 1st Adina Hotel in Switzerland, offers guests a fantastic panoramic view of the Alps. The hotel building is also a pioneer in terms of sustainability for example, cooling and heating are powered by water from Lake Geneva, waste is converted into electricity and the use of plastic for food and drinks is completely eliminated.

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