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    Winter Holidays in Hamburg

    Image: mf-guddyx / iStock

    HAMBURG: Hamburg has a lot to offer in winter. Whether it's ice skating to a DJ spinning tunes, a romantic boat tour adorned with lights or indulging in cosy culinary delights - let these 'cool' winter experiences in Hamburg inspire you!

    Hamburg’s Frosty Ice Wonderland

    Step into winter wonder at the idyllic adventure park 'Planten un Blomen' - Germany's largest outdoor ice rink, only open during the cold season. Immerse yourself in a world of winter splendour as you glide over the glistening ice. Surrounded by festively decorated trees and Hamburg's sparkling skyline, this unique place promises not only sporting activity but also a fairytale atmosphere. 

    Insider Tip: On Saturdays, experience the "Club Night" with a live DJ playing fun tunes to skate to. 

    Winter Wonderland Harbour Cruise

    Hop aboard a cruise boat to see the city lights transform Hamburg's harbour and waterfront into a festive spectacle. You'll love the cosy-romantic atmosphere as you immerse yourself in the stories of the Hanseatic city, guided by live commentary that unveils fascinating insights about the landmarks ashore. This harbour cruise guarantees a breathtaking view of the city's highlights, such as Hamburg's iconic Speicherstadt. You can secure your tickets for enchanting light tours or evening cruises from various providersa And after your cruise enjoy an overnight stay one of two Adina Hotels in Hamburg. 

    Hamburg’s Tasty Winter Delights

    Treat your taste buds and explore the rich flavours of traditional dishes in Hamburg during winter. The charming 'Old Commercial Room' restaurant in Hamburg offers historic ambiance paired with an exquisite selection of winter delicacies. Here, you can expect kale prepared with savoury “Pinkel” sausage, or ‘Labskaus’ - a northern German delight made with beef, potatoes, beets, and a sunny-side-up egg. Make sure the Old Commercial Room is on your list when winter feasting through Hamburg.

    Sled Fun and Snowman Magic

    The rolling paths of the wide park ‘Altonaer Volkspark’ aren't just for picturesque snowy strolls - they offer optimal sledding adventures too. And the best part? There's several downhill rides so you can sled without the crowds! For parents seeking tranquillity, numerous secluded corners in the expansive park provide a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. The vast meadows are perfect for crafting snowwomen and snowmen. Altonaer Volkspark is truly everyone's personal winter haven! When the city is blanketed in snow, this is the ultimate winter hotspot you won't want to miss.

    Winter Wonders by the Water

    Last but not least we have the perfect urban winter adventure for you: a walk by the Alster River. Begin your stroll along the river banks and let yourself be captivated by the silent beauty of the winter landscape. The tree-lined avenues carry the enchantment of snow, while the water of the Alster flows gently. The frosty air is pierced by the warm glow of lanterns, illuminating the path and creating a romantic scene. The walk along the Alster allows you to experience the scents and sounds of winter up close. Retreat to one of the charming cafes along the river and enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or a warming tea while you're at it.

    My Hamburg Addresses

    After an exciting day filled of winter joys, the two Adina Hotels in Hamburg offer the perfect cosy retreat. Their central locations make them the ideal starting point for your winter excursion. All you have to do is choose your favourite - whether it's Adina Hamburg Michel or Adina Hamburg Speicherstadt. Immerse yourself in Hamburg's winter magic and treat yourself to a well-deserved break at the Adina Hotels - your home in the Hanseatic city!