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    Vienna – The Perfect City for Your Family Vacation With Kids

    AleksandarNakic / iStock

    There are few cities that are better suited for a trip with the whole family than the Austrian capital. And, best of all, Vienna offers fun and excitement in all kinds of weather. So if you're headed to Austria, here are our best tips for an unforgettable family vacation.

    The Spanish Riding School

    Vienna's famous “Spanish Riding School” enchants visitors and locals alike with their schedule of equine performances. The school's “Lipizzaner” horse breed are mostly grey, has expressive, large eyes and a sturdy neck which photographs beautifully. In Vienna they train them using traditional methods that date back hundreds of years and it shows in their performances. The shows take place in their impressive baroque riding hall - a UNESCO cultural heritage site - children and adults can watch the world-famous horses train their precise movements.

    Immerse Into a World of Illusions

    This quirky museum is centrally located in the city centre and immerses its visitors in a world of sensory overload where optical illusions make visitors lose the ground beneath their feet; grow tall or shrink. Here, young and old can snap impossible-looking photos for keepsakes. At this museum, touching and participating is not only allowed, but encouraged. There's even a magician to entertain guests as they wait to enter.

    Spectacular Views from the Vienna Ferris Wheel

    The “Prater” amusement park delivers a fun day out of the whole family. There's plenty to see and do, but we recommend that you start your day with a ride atop the famous Ferris wheel. From a height of 65 metres, you not only get a magnificent view of the city, but also the perfect overview of the “Prater” theme park with its colourful rides. Families can even rent a private carriage on the world's oldest Ferris wheel to enjoy the views with their loved ones.

    Pandas and more at “Schönbrunn”

    The animal garden at “Schönbrunn” is the oldest zoo in the world and a highly esteemed institution. Keepers at the zoo even succeeded in giving birth to three baby pandas - a world premiere no less - and are helping this endangered species survive. There are more than 730 animal species to see; feedings or guided tours where the whole family can learn about the different animal habitats in a fun way.

    Theatre and Meals for Kids: At the "Dschungel Vienna”

    At "Dschungel Wien", there are suitable art and cultural highlights for children as young as two years and older so, if you're travelling with your family, it's well worth a visit. But we know that exploring a city can also make you hungry, so we recommend the adjoining Dschungel Café - a family-friendly place with plenty of yummy children's meals, space to play, comfortable sofas and a courtyard for romping:

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