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    Top 10 Addresses in Europe for Market Lovers and Culinary Fans

    Photo: Nikada / iStock

    GERMANY: If you love discovering new things, you'll love our hit list of European markets. This is where the old meets the new, tradition meets current trends and tourists become locals. It's the cultural melting pot of the city, and everyone is invited to join. 

    Experiencing culture, including sampling local food, is a huge part of an unforgettable trip. The appetite for farm-to-table dining has lead to a boom of farmers markets for both locals and tourists. These local markets allow visitors to purchase fresh, seasonal produce to sample the flavours of local ingredients, with guests of Adina Apartments enjoying the freedom of whipping up a DIY local dish in their fully-equipped kitchen. 


    Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg

    After more than 120 years, the Markthalle Neun has been revived to its original glory and is now known as the place-to-be in the beloved district of Kreuzberg. A variety of small shops and merchants are located within the historic building to sell their regional treasures. Visitors don't just find a place to shop, but they can also participate in various workshops and tastings to learn about cheese, Gin, tofu and more! The Markthalle Neun is open daily, except Sundays.

    Marheineke Markthalle

    The market hall of Marheineke is just as colourful and international as the district around the Bergmannstraße: Regional products are placed next to goods from the Mediterranean or Arabian Peninsula. It's not just shops and stalls - you'll also find international snacks and practical services for daily needs. The large variety of events and art exhibitions attract locals and visitors in the droves.  

    Ecological market on the Kollwitzplatz square

    Next to lively cafés, bars and restaurants, the ecological market takes place on the Kollwitzplatz. Not only organic foods, but extraordinary things such as felt shoes, handmade ceramics, cosy woolen goods and natural cosmetics can be found on the market stalls. Berlin's longest bench invites you to take a relaxing coffee break after visiting the market, to take in the charming square while the kids can enjoy the nearby playing ground.


    Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt

    The international flair of the metropolis is reflected in the culinary word of the Kleinmarkthalle: Merchants offer fresh food goods from all over the world and create new interpretations of international specialties. The weekly highlight is the Schlemmermarkt, where the square in front of the hall transforms itself. With aromatic antipasti in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, you feel like being on a sunny market place in the Mediterranean. The perfect ending to a day of shopping in the nearby Zeil street. 



    The modern market hall is located in the beloved district of St. Pauli and is the place-to-be for Hanseatic people as well as for travelers. Next to small merchants, who offer unbelievably amazing chocolate, cheese and the perfect steak, the Rindermakthalle has also large supermarkets, where you find all you can wish for! The historical building is a popular location for panel discussions, as well as show cooking in the Marktküche with various chefs. The outside area is used to create a beach club in the summertime, while the winter welcomes a small Christmas market so you can enjoy warming mulled wine.  


    The Isemarkt is a unique treasure because it is not located in a large square, but under a bridge – a charming protection from the famous rainy weather of Hamburg. Since 1949 the market welcomes its visitors with a unique mix of merchants, who offer fresh fruits and vegetables as well as knife sharping and handmade brushes. At one kilometre long - the longest market in Germany- you stroll next to racks filled with colorful spices, homemade sausages or cheese from the mountains, which is all complemented by the music of various street performers. 

    St. Pauli night market

    If you love markets but hate getting up early, you will love the night market on the legendary Reeperbahn! On the Spielbudenplatz, the heart of Hamburg’s most vibrant district where life beings after sunset, you find high-quality organic fruit and vegetables, fresh farmers goods, street food and live cmusic. The market occurs every Wednesday from 4pm to 10pm, and during Christmas season you can complete the evening with a hot chocolate at the nearby  Santa Pauli Christmas market. 


    Tivoli Food Hall in Copenhagen

    The Tivoli Food Hall lies next to world’s oldest amusement park and welcomes its guests with a large variety of culinary delights in typical Hygge atmosphere. No classical market, but more a food mall with small stands and tiny restaurants with typical Smörrebröd and cosy cafés, pizzerias and casual dining as well as high-class gastronomy options. The Tivoli hall is open all year. 


    Plagwitzer week market Leipzig

    People with filled shopping baskets and bags are strolling on the cobblestones of the beloved weekly Plagwitzer Markt - and it's no wonder, as merchants come from the entire region to offer their best seasonable products. Next to typical foods you can spot new local drinks as the Quipz-Schorlen (quince and apple) and Zotrine or beers with funny names as Hirschlein, which translates to "fawn" or "little dear" in German. A beautiful characteristic: a lot of farmers sell their own goods on the market stands and bring their enthusiasm for their products. 


    Design market of Nuremberg

    The most creative of all markets can be found on the area of the academy of arts in Nuremberg, where people and products are anything but boring: find extraordinary fashion, jewellery, handcrafted goods and music. Artists transform daily goods into design products and upcycle them into cool bags, fashion and beyond. The meeting point for creatives does not only offer delicious food, but also workshops where you can discover your own creative potential. 


    After a stroll through local food markets and some shopping of delicious foods, the Adina hotels in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Leipzig and Nuremberg invite you to relax and stretch out. The studios and apartments are all equipped with a kitchenette and offer the equipment to prepare a great meal. So you don't only get to enjoy local cuisine at the nearby restaurants but you can also prepare your own meals with high class ingedients from the nearby food markets and halls. Enjoy!