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    The Best Activities for Unforgettable Winter Days in Hamburg

    Photo: Rudy Balasko/Shutterstock

    GERMANY: Hamburg is worth a visit at any time of the year, but especially in winter, after the Christmas bustle, when the city welcomes its guests with a quiet flair. Whether you prefer cold sunny days or mystical fog over the Elbe river, here are our tips for a winter city trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world (with a stay at Adina, or course).

    1. Take a Winter Walk through the UNESCO World Heritage Speicherstadt District

    The famous spot was originally a warehouse district (the largest in the world) and is an absolute must-see on any visit to Hamburg. In winter time, the fog drapes itself between the red brick buildings, ice floes drfift in the water and the district radiates with energy.

    Insider Tip: Be sure to visit the Speicherstadt in the evening where all the houses and special sites like the Wasserschloss are beautifully illuminated. 

    2. The Tea Warehouse is a Mecca for Tea Lovers

    If you're passing by the majestic Wasserschloss (castle) during your walk in the Speicherstadt, be sure to stop and warm up with a hot drink. Located near Hamburg’s port - which handles 70 percent of European tea imports - the tea shop at the Wasserschloss offers no less than 250 different teas from all over the world. This place is a a mecca for tea lovers with teas of all types are piled on the celing-high shelves and regular workshops, which introduce you to the world of the tea.

    3. Go Ice skating in the Snow-covered Planten un Blomen

    Germany's largest open-air ice rink is plonked right in the middle of Planten un Blomen (translates to Plants and Flowers), one of the most popular parks in Hamburg. This rink is a must-do in winter but especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the rink transforms into a disco on ice anhd the latest hits are blasted out until late.

    4. Short Break from the Winter: A Visit to the Tropical House

    If the winter blues get you down, why not escape to Hamburg's very own Tropical House? That's right, the botanical gardens of the Planten un Blomen are home to a huge greenhouse with plant species from all over the world. The area is divided into five sections, with fauna from the tropics, subtropics, the desert, the cactus and even a fern house. 

    5. Visit the Museum der Arbeit's "The Night - Everything but Sleep" Exhibition

    As the winter nights get longer, the “Museum der Arbeit” (Museum of Work) has unveiled a special interdisciplinary exhibition dedicated to the nightime.  The Night –  Everything But Sleep" exhibiton creates a parallel world, so fundamentally different from our ordinary day-to-day life, featuring a range of contemporary artists and is well work a look.

    As they write: "For most people, the night is all about sleep. But what happens when we make do without sleep and stay awake through the night? Our world appears in a different light. Whether in the shimmering light of the moon and stars, the intense bright white of florescent lamps or the semi-darkness of a club – the night reveals spaces where you could never dream of sleeping."

    The exhibition runs until June 2020.


    A stay at both the Adina Hamburg Speicherstadt and the Adina Hamburg Michel will have you at the harbour district and beautiful Speicherstadt within minutes. And if the weather outside is not welcoming, the hotels' indoor pools and saunas will help you warm up in no time.