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    Why Your Next Stay Should be in an Apartment Hotel!

    Image: PCTR Berlin

    EUROPE: Apartment Hotels are fast becoming the hottest new accommodation trend the world over. Great value aside, here's why your next stay should be in an apartment-style hotel. 

    Aussies need no introduction to apartment hotels... and the rest of the world is following. Right now, apartment hotels are experiencing a surge in popularity throughout Europe - particularly in the wake of the global pandemic. Who are we to argue with great taste... so here are our top 5 reasons to stay in an apartment hotel on your next business trip or holiday!

    24 Hour Hotel Service in Epic Locations

    In apartment hotels you'll enjoy 24-hour hotel service with all the amenitites you love in n vacation apartments or serviced apartments. So if you love being spoiled and you love to be in the heart of the neighbourhood, then this is the accom choice for you.

    Serviced apartments are mostly located in residential areas of cities, whilst our Adina Apartment Hotels are perfectly positioned in the best, central city locations. If you crave bright lights, central sites and the perfect starting point for explorations and culinary delights, then go no further. And for business travellers, the added bonus of proximity to meeting venues, bars, restaurants, and central business districts... and a friendly smile after a busy day.

    Space and Comfort is Paramount 

    Apartment Hotels give you room to move, to stretch out and to carve out your own personal space during a family holiday. Even the smallest unit – the Studio – offers a generous living and dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, as well as a king or twin beds (30m2). It's the natural choice when you're travelling with a group of friends or your family: everybody will find their space, and everyone will have their privacy. And even if the weather turns during your vacation, you can settle into your private living area with a good book, board games, or stay in and cook an evening meal.

    Freedom and Flexibility for even the Fussiest Traveller

    Some people spring into their holidays looking with a generous hotel breakfast and it's always a good idea ito start your day that way when you're travelling for business... there are plenty of ways to stay and Adina has you covered with our hotel breakfast offerings. Alternatively, the kitchen, refrigerator and dining area in your apartment allow you to prepare your own breakfast to your needs. Whether breakfast, dinner, or a small snack in between major meal times, the dishwasher does the dishes for you. So, you’ll have more time for yourself and the things you care for.

    Dirty clothes? No problem. Each apartment comes equipped with a washing machine and a dryer. Whilst the hotels gym, pool and saunas cater to those fitness addicts.

    Is an Apartment Hotel The Right Choice for You?

    If you appreciate space and privacy even on vacation and don't want to miss out on round-the-clock hotel service, then an apartment hotel is a great choice. If you tend to spend your vacations with your partner, friends, or the whole family, then apartment hotels give you space to stretch out and relax. Travelling for business? There's plenty of room to turn your dining table into a temporary office and the washer/dryer combo means your business shirts will always be freshly laundered.

    No matter how you like to stay, Adina Apartment Hotels has a solution. And, if you like to stay for longer stretchers, there are generous discounts for long-term stays

    Once Adina, Always Adina.

    Our verdict? Apartment hotels combine the very best of the hotel and apartment worlds. If you also love a bargain, join eClub and enjoy 15% off your bookings at all Adina Hotels in Europe and 10% of all Adina Hotels in Australia (for when international borders open up). You'll also be kept informed about our exclusive offers, promotions, and news. Register now for Adina eClub: Join now!.

    Peace of mind when you stay with us: Introducing Clean Touch.