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    Couple's Retreat: Romancing in Cologne

    Image: Adina Hotels

    COLOGNE: With Valentine's Day around the corner, seize the perfect moment to bring joy to your special someone. What could be more fitting than the gift of qulity time together? Surprise your partner with a romantic weekend in Cologne commonly reffered to as Germany's Paris, here's why... 

    Rhine Romance: Fall in Love on a Boat Tour

    Embark on your amorous adventure with an unforgettable boat tour on the Rhine, where you and your loved one can experience Cologne CBD from an entirely new perspective. Glide hand in hand along the promenade, letting the picturesque cityscape cast its enchanting spell on you. Hang around for a magical sunset, which bathes the city in golden hues, it's a moment to pause, relish togetherness, and savour an atmosphere that sets your hearts aflutter.

    Gourmet Extravaganza at 'other side - bar‘n’kitchen'

    Love is best served on a plate, and at Adina Apartment Hotel Cologne, romance is just an elevator ride away. When arriving at Adina Cologne head downstairs to enter 'other side Cologne,' a restaurant where you and your partner can embark on a delicious journey of flavours from Cologne and Australia. The menu itself is a love letter to culinary diversity, promising a feast for all your senses.

    Love Unleashed: A Lock-Magic Moment at Hohenzollern Bridge

    Make the ultimate declaration of love with a love lock at Hohenzollern Bridge. Attaching a lock is said to stand for eternal connection and love between two individuals. For the perfect touch, engrave your names on the lock and toss the key into the river after securing it. This is a symbolic shield against life's challenges that protects your partnership against all odds. Let your love promise sparkle with a riverside walk or a charming exploration of the nearby Old Town, where cosy eateries await to fuel your romantic journey.

    Melting Hearts and Blissful Relaxation in the Sauna Haven

    As your romantic day of exploration winds down, relax together in the sauna and pool area of our Adina Hotel Cologne. The warm glow of the sauna lights creates an atmosphere that relaxes not only your muscles but also your heart. Cool off after your sauna session with a refreshing dip in the pool, and recline in our cosy loungers as you both reflect on your day. Enjoy an evening filled with tranquillity, togetherness, and an extra dose of romance!

    Deluxe Moments of Privacy

    And when looking for a place to stay, the spacious studios and apartments of Adina Cologne set the scene for boundless cosiness for two. Kickstart your day with love, surprising your partner with a self-prepared breakfast in bed or your private dining nook. Come evening, cocoon together on the sofa in your private living space, relishing a glass of wine and sharing snacks as you rewind through your memorable shared moments.

    Experience the best of Cologne and indulge in Adina Hotel's warm hospitality and homey ambiance in a central location. Book your romantic weekend today and create unforgettable moments of love, laughter and joy. We look forward to welcoming you!