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    Local Tips to Exploring Nuremberg

    Image: ROSSandHELEN photoqraphers / iStock

    GERMANY: While Germany's, Nuremberg may be well known for its medieval cityscape among travellers, it's the locals that tell us there's so much more waiting to be discovered in the Old Town. So, Swen, Duty Manager at Adina Hotel Nuremberg, shares his tips and favourite places to visit so you too can explore Nuremberg like a local.

    Nuremberg Baroque Gardens and Historic Rock Corridors

    For those who want to learn about Nuremberg's history, Swen recommends a guided tour through the historic Rock Corridors - southern Germany's biggest rock-cut cellar maze. Located beneath the Old Town of Nuremberg, these ancient vaults and corridors were primarily used for the ripening and storage of beer – mostly the city's famous red beer. Today, they offer a unique historic experience with an art bunker full of treasures and even ends with an escape room. 

    If you're more of an outdoorsy type, Swen suggests visiting the Hesperides Gardens from the Baroque period. He likes to come here to relax with a good book and a cup of coffee to enjoy some time to himself. The gardens are located in the northern part of the city and are open from April to October.

    Museums from the Past to the Future 

    Set in a modern futuristic design, the Museum of the Future at the German Museum, explores the future, rather than the past and raises curious questions like "how we will live in the future and what technical developments and challenges we will have to face?" Another museum that is worth a visit and will delight children and adults alike is the Toy Museum. Given Nuremberg is known for its craftsmanship and artistic skills, there are some true toy treasures to marvel at here. 

    Swen's Culinary Tips for Nuremberg

    If you are in Nuremberg, you must try the famous local speciality - "Nürnberger Würstchen" - or as the locals say "Drei im Weckla". You can get these sausages in bread on every corner, but according to Swen, the best are to be found at the "Bratwurststand" in Karolinenstraße, just opposite the "Galeria Nürnberg" shopping centre. Right next to the medieval city wall there are more regional delicacies at the "Wirtshaus Tucher-Bräu am Opernhaus", where Swen and his wife go to before a theatre show. They recommend ordering the beef tartare and cheese salad.

    For smaller appetites, Swen says the Café "Frau Elster", serves great salads and breakfast platters. He'll almost always go for the goat's cheese salad with grapes and walnuts. And for a good glass of wine to end a long day, Swen suggests heading to the "Weinkostbar" under the castle. He says to get a white wine of the Scheurebe variety.

    Tour Around Lake Wöhrder

    For nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet, a trip to Lake Wöhrder is a favourite for Swen and many other Nuremberg locals. Swen recommends a tour by bike or on foot from the Wöhrder meadow to "Satzinger Mühle". There is a lovely terrace with a great view of the old water wheel where you can enjoy the peace and quiet. The beer garden on the Wöhrder meadow is great for a cold brew and bite to eat. 

    Culture Tips for Music Fans

    Swen has a special connection to Nuremberg's Opera House / State Yheatre. Having come from the Netherlands this was the first time he ever experienced a German theatre. While he didn't really enjoy the three-hour Roman Trilogy by Shakespearethis, it didn't put him off, and so, he has attended many wonderful performances since. He also recommends seeing the ballet here too here.

    Swen adds that the free "Klassik im Park" Open Air festival that takes place in the summer at Luitpoldhain Park is a wonderful setting to have a picnic with friends while enjoying live music. His highlight was when the park lights up at night with thousands of sparklers - "simply marvellous". 

    Adina Nuremberg: Feels like Home 

    There's no question that Swen's tip for an overnight stay is the Adina Hotel Nuremberg. As Duty Manager, he personally promises that you'll enjoy a relaxing stay in one of the spacious apartments. With its location in the heart of the city, the Adina Nuremberg is ideally loacted for your tour of Nurembery - like a local!