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    Local Tips to Exploring Wiesbaden

    Image: Firn / iStock

    WIESBADEN: Exploring a city is one thing, but experiencing it through the eyes of a long-time local unveils the true essence of a place. And when that local happens to be Katharina - our General Manager of Adina Wiesbaden - something exceptional awaits us. Her familiarity with every nook, her passion for culture and her knack for discovering the finest local spots make her the ultimate guide to experiencing Wiesbaden. Get ready to wander through charming streets, savour culinary delights and immerse yourself in the cultural mosaic that is Wiesbaden:

    Culinary Delights at „Das Lokal“

    Let's start with a dazzling gem that goes by the name "Das Lokal." Nestled in the heart of the “Westend” district, this restaurant offers a cosy ambiance and delectable dishes at reasonable prices. So, what does Katharina's recommend ordering from the menu? The legendary Cordon Bleu. Whether it's generously stuffed with cream cheese and served alongside a homemade masterpiece sauce, or flaunting local twists like a tantalising pumpkin crust or the traditional "Handkäse" cheese, your taste buds are about to embark on a rollercoaster of flavours.

    Insider Tip: Katharina suggests planning your visit from 5pm onwards to make the most of your experience. It's like hitting that sweet spot of vibrant energy and relaxed ambiance. 

    „Chateau Nero“: A Hidden Gem for Wine Lovers.

    Picture this - a little slice of heaven nestled in the small vineyards of Neroberg, introducing "Chateau Nero". For a solid two years now, this charming urban wine bar has been casting a spell not only on Katharina but also on anyone lucky enough to revel in its breathtaking views, top-notch vinos and savoury sips. Katharina tells us "Chateau Nero" is creative collaboration between three restaurateurs who reinvented themselves during the pandemic. They came together and crafted this wine-lovers dream - a place that captures local charm and boasts an array of superb wines. She suggests heading there to watch the sunset over Wiesbaden while enjoying a wine (or two!). 

    Unforgettable Evenings at Hessian State Theatre

    Step into a realm of culture and enchantment in the heart of Wiesbaden. While Hessian State Theatre might not be the city's best-kept secret, it remains an absolute showstopper among the locals like Katharina. From opera to theatre shows, prepare to be swept away by breathtaking performances that'll send shivers down your spine. Now, let's dive into what makes this theatre Katharina's favourite... She reveals her secret with conviction in one single word: opulence. Despite its eventful history, the theatre now shines in all its glory. Meticulous restoration has preserved its original splendour, bound to captivate you.

    The Unveiling of the "Reinhard Ernst Museum"

    Soon to be a local favourite is the "Reinhard Ernst Museum." Not only will it be a museum for art, but a nexus of connection and inspiration. Katharina, the driving force behind Adina Wiesbaden, reveals that the museum will house a blend of loans from far-flung museums and private collectors across the globe. And at its core lies the remarkable Reinhard Ernst collection, boasting a staggering 860 paintings and sculptures that will lay the groundwork for exhibitions to move the soul. Themes will range from abstract German and European post-war art to the Zen-like allure of Japanese creations and the emotional intensity of American Expressionism. But here's the thrilling twist - a new culinary haven, “Rue1 by Gollner’s”, will be part of this exciting venture. Visitors can anticipate a parade for gastronomic pleasures that harmoniously complements the artistic experience.

    My Wiesbaden Address

    Ready for an unforgettable journey of discovery through Wiesbaden's gems that make the city truly one-of-a-kind? Thanks to Katharina's tips, you can experience the city from an entirely new perspective. And of course, Katharina warmly welcomes you to stay at the lovely Adina Hotel Wiesbaden. There are plenty of reasons why: the hotel's central location, spacious studios and apartments that provide ample room to unwind and a team that welcomes you with genuine hospitality. It's not just about the prime location, but also about the stylish spaces and wholehearted warmth. Secure your room at Adina Wiesbaden now!