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    5 Insider Tips to Berlin

    Image: lechatnoir/ iStock

    GERMANY: Berlin is one of Europe's most exciting cities! With rich history, diverse art and culture and unique charm there's so much to discover. But how about getting to know the real Berlin and its people, just as the locals do... Uncover hidden gems and secret sites with our five insider tips to Berlin. 

    Laser Parkour and Password Solving at the Spy Museum

    Once reffered to as the capital of spies, especially during the Cold War, it's no wonder Berlin is home to the exciting Spy Museum at the Potsdamer Platz. With plenty of interactive stations to explore - from lie detectors to laser parkour and problem solving hacks - be captivated and entranced by a world of future technolgies and spy gadgets. In addition to this, you can also discover the espionage methods of yesteryear. 

    Berlin Street Art - Strolling and Marvelling through the City

    Like no other city in the world, Berlin is most famous for its edgy art scene - especially its street art. Wonder the city on foot and explore the incredible, world-famous street art at your own leisure. The East Side Gallery is the longest preserved section of the Berlin Wall and longest open-air gallery in the world, which is must when visiting Berlin for the first time. Bülowstraße in Schöneberg and the district of Kreuzberg is just as impressive with street art between inviting pubs and shops, or visit Teufelsberg for a combination of unforgettable views and street art. 

    Berlin Flea Markets: Pick Up Unique Souvenirs 

    Be like a local with a visit to Berliners' favourite Sunday activity - the flea markets - where you will meet the capital's most creative inhabitants as well as finding some truely unique treasures to take home. The flea market at Mauerpark, is a favourite among locals, although for something extra special, visit the flea market on Museum Island which has been running for over 30 years. If you're an antique enthusiast, you'll love Straße des 17. Juni, the Boxhagener Platz in Kreuzberg or the art and flea market on the Fehrbelliner Platz.

    Car or Train? Why Not Take a Ride in a Convertible Underground Car!

    Discover exciting stories in Berlin's underground stations while riding in an open underground car! From former potato basements to nuclear bunkers that held 3,000 people, Berlin's underground is sure to impress with more secrets than you think... The two-hour hosted tour start at the Deutsche Oper underground station and costs around €50. They take place from April to October and advanced bookings are essential.

    Spectacular Views over Berlin

    Witness Berlin's famous landmarks from above! Listen to facinating stories while overlooking Berlin's city from the old listening station on the Teufelsberg, or, the Humboldthain Flak Tower in the Volkspark - often described as "monstrous" - also offers spectacular city views, as well as an underground bunker accessible via the Berliner Unterwelten e.V. 

    Embark on a Balloon Ride, but not as you know it... The World Balloon, at the Potsdamer Platz, is attached to a wire rope and rises 150m in the air, while Europe's fastest lift, just a few metres from Potsdamer Platz, takes you to the to the Panoramapunkt Berlin and up the modern Kollhoff Tower to offer 360° views of the city.

    My Other Address in Berlin

    With three Adina Hotels located in Berlin, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to booking accommodation in the heart of the city. Whether it be Adina Hotel at Checkpoint Charlie, Hackescher Markt or in Berlin Mitte, each are situated within walking distance of famous landmarks and sightseeing adventures. And after a long day, relax and enjoy the spacious apartments, wellness spaces and nearby restaurants and cafes.