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    5 Stunning Ice Skating Rinks in Europe

    Image: svetikd / iStock

    EUROPE: Glide your way through Europe and discover the magic of ice-skating this winter. From festively lit city squares to snowy rooftop scenes, we've listed five beautiful ice-skating locations with cinematic backdrops across Europe. 

    Vienna Ice Dream

    Each year, the heart of Vienna transforms into the epicentre of winter joy, with the “Wiener Eistraum” ice rink at the City Hall becoming the season's hottest hotspot. Situated against a backdrop of historic buildings, surrounded by a dazzling sea of lights, the "Wiener Eistraum” not only provides a breathtaking view of the winter spectacle but also a romantic glimpse of the winding ice paths in “Rathauspark” park. Rent skates on-site, and let nothing stand in the way of your ice-skating dreams in the heart of Vienna!

    Nuremberg's “Dutzendteich”

    Gear up with your ice skates and dive into a winter wonderland at Nuremberg's “Dutzendteich”! This picturesque lake, surrounded by enchanting park landscapes, transforms into a true ice paradise during winter. The expansive lake welcomes skaters of all ages and skill levels where families, friends, and couples come together to immerse themselves in a winter wonderland. Nearby stalls offer tempting treats and hot beverages for a quick recharge! 

    Lentpark Ice Rink in Cologne

    Just in time for winter, Cologne has welcomed a new ice skating and swimming stadium “Lentpark”. With two world class ice rinks, an indoor swimming centre, a sauna, an outdoor natural water swimming pond and a restaurant, this establishment is a must visit! There's even a smart use of cross-linking services so the cold ice rink and warm swimming pools operate seemlessly in a very energy efficient manner.  Plus, with Lentpark being underscover, you can glide your way through winter, rain, hail or shine!

    Frankfurt “Skyline Plaza”

    Ever experienced sky-high ice-skating? In Frankfurt the “Skyline Plaza” shopping centre, turns it's rooftop into the ultimate hotspot for an unforgettable ice adventure. The massive eco-friendly ice rink needs no water or power - just pure exhilaration. Dive into ice stock fun or groove at the legendary Radio Frankfurt Ice Disco, where music and lights make your nights sparkle. There's also plenty of tasty treats to keep you going all night long. 

    Copenhagen Frederiksberg

    Feel the winter magic calling in Copenhagen with Frederiksberg Ice Rink at Runddel. Whether you're a pro skater or a first-timer, everyone's invited to join the frosty fun, plus it's free entry. While you're skating enjoy the festive lights, mouth watering treats and breathtaking backdrop of Frederiksberg Garden, surrounded by trees that transform the rink into a fairytale winter wonderland. 

    Insider Tip: Keep an eye out for winter activities and events at the Frederiksberg Ice Rink.

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