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    Bye Home Office, Hello Workation! 5 Fab Reasons to Work from a Hotel

    Image: RossHelen / iStock

    EUROPE: Fancy temporarily moving your office to a new city? It's a dream that's becoming more of a reality with the rise of the workation. Whilst employers are becoming more open to this model, digital nomads have long expounded the virtues of location-independent working as a viable alternative to a traditional office.

    What’s behind this trend of workation? And, more importantly, what’s in for you? Without further ado, here are our 5 top reasons to take a workation at Adina.

    Get the Inspiration Bubbling Again

    An occasional change of environment brings inspiration and new stimuli boost to creative ideas and thoughts. When you stay at a self-contained hotel like Adina Hotels, you have the time and the space to break old habits and open your mind to new ways of thinking. Of course, the stunning views and great amenities make the transition from home to office-away-from-home super smooth.

    Feel Motivated and Productive

    Trust us, getting out of the daily grind can truly work wonders. Just like a vacation, a workation helps you break free from the time-consuming tasks or distractions of your everyday life - hello cooking and cleaning - and restructure and reorganize your time. If you're spending your workation with us at Adina Hotels and don't feel like cooking in your private kitchen for once, why not explore the city's restaurants!

    New Networking Possibilities

    When you are in another city for an extended period of time, you’ll naturally meet a whole bunch of new and interesting people. Whether it's residents, travellers, the hotel team who make your stay super easy or people just like you who combine work and vacation. If you're social and open to it, you'll likely expand your circle of friends and acquaintances with new private or even professional contacts!

    Creativity Through Exchange

    In Adina Hotels apartments you have enough space for your personal work corner whilst your family stretch out doing the things they like to do. However, if that proves a bit of a distraction, why not take advantage the many co-working spaces that have popped up or a sunny corner in a quiet café. When you're on a workation, you're more open to seeking out conversations with strangers and, through these interactions, you'll benefit from the feedback of like-minded peeps. 

    Forget Lunch Breaks, Take a Short Break!

    When you work away from your home base, breaks or weekends can be spent exploring your surroundings. There's nothing quite like swapping your regular Italian restaurant at home for something completely new. Or, for a cultural hit, spend your free time exploring the city's exhibitions and museums. You’ll start the new working week feeling fresh and refreshed and your work life will benefit!

    Where to Stay

    Adina Hotels and workations go together like vegemite and toast! You not only have a comfy bed to retire in at the end of day, but the added benefits of space and comfort in our studios and apartments, as well as a private kitchen and laundry. We've got fabulous Adina Hotelsin 15 cities across 5 countries. Planning a longer stay? Contact us to take advantage of our special long stay rates - My long stay address.

    Peace of mind when you stay with us: Introducing Clean Touch.