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    5 Tips To Discovering Vienna's Old Town Secrets

    Image: RudyBalasko / iStock

    VIENNA: The cityscape of Vienna is characterized by medieval urban structure, baroque castles, and gardens as well as magnificent old classy buildings along the Ringstrassee, but this old-world city also has its fair share of modern surprises. 

    Discovering the Beauty of Clay, Ceramics and Porcelain At bon ton

    The bon ton in Naglergasse bills itself as "a salon for modern ceramics" and was opened out of a passion to showcase beautifully shaped unique pieces to appreciative audiences. Here, you will a huge variety of handmade vases, bowls, plates and much more by various international artists. These gems are unique and are priced accordingly starting around 50 Euros. But even if you're just window shopping, this beautifully designed salon is a must-do.

    Johann Strauss Made of Stone in Vienna's Stadtpark

    In the middle of the inner city, you’ll find the Stadtpark Wien – a recreational green space covering a total of 65,000 square meters. A walk through the park is never boring because there is always something new to discover according to locals.

    Insider Tip: be sure to meander along the beautifully laid out paths and be sure your phone is at full charge as you'll likely stumble across some Instaworthy statues and monuments. Our favourite is the Johann Strauss Monument. If you're visiting in the warmer months, the summer concert series is a must do.

    Pamper You Skin with a Treatment Program at FACEIT

    Spoil yourself with a decadent facial as the aptly named FACEIT. The road to relaxation starts as soon as you open the door. The salon's Beautician-Owner Barbara Forcher calls herself a holistic facialist and aims to nourish your skin with exactly what it needs. This individual attention to detail keeps the locals coming back and the tourists glowing on any trip to the capital.

    MAK - Must-see for Art Lovers

    Vienna's Museum of Applied Arts has a reputation for its extraordinary combination of applied art, design, architecturez, and contemporary art... but this museum ups the ante on experience. With a special focus on interactive learning and interaction, no two visits here will ever be the same. It's fun, it's fabulous and if you love your art, you won't just be a spectator, you'll be immersed it in.... and that's what makes it special in our books.

    Mochi: A Japanese Paradise for Your Palate

    Mochi is separated from the first district by the Danube, so all you have to do is cross the bridge and your palate will be rewarded. Here, modern nuances enhance traditional Japanese cuisine, and the food is nothing short of incredible. Don't be turned off by their MICHELIN star rating, the prices for the dishes are very reasonable and bring an international flavour to any Viennese visit.

    Top tip: There's dining out and then there is Mochi. We guarantee this flavour experience will stay with you in your memory long after your visit.

    Where to stay

    The brand new Adina Hotel in Vienna offers apartment-style living and is the perfect base to explore Vienna's lovely city centre. One of only seven hotels to offer a swimming pool in the historic Austrian capital, Adina Vienna Belvedere – developed by SIGNA Real Estate Management GmbH - is set to make a splash in Vienna’s ultra-modern Quartier Belvedere.

    *Some activities listed might run to different timetables due to Covid.

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