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    5 Reasons We Love Munich's Werksviertel Mitte

    ND, Image: bmvdwest / iStock

    GERMANY: In Werksviertel Mitte, Munich, a district is reinventing itself. New buildings are now being constructed next to old industrial buildings: Stores, loft-style offices and apartments are popping up alongside hotels like our brand-new Adina Hotel Munich, which is perfect for long stays. So, here are our top 5 highlights for any staycation in Werksviertel with a sleepover at Adina.

    1. Art for the People

    The WhiteBOX project, in the Werk 3 building, is a place of inspiration and an absolute must for contemporary art lovers. Home to more than 30 visual artists of all ages and disciplines, organisers aim is to attract young and up-and-coming contemporary artists from around the world with their exciting artists-in-residence program. Here, street art, new media, and pop culture rubs shoulders with experimental forms of expression including sound art, visual art, and performance, making it an ideal place to while away the hours on any staycation.

    Expect art that pushes boundaries, music festivals, and "BOXenstopp" studio days which invite visitors to look over the shoulder of sculptors, painters, photographers, or video artists. And, best of all, admission is free.

    2.KnödelAlm Feeds All Your Senses

    The Knödelalm beer garden, with its bright red and white umbrellas scattered across its vast wooden sun deck, is located in the middle of the Werksviertel near the Ostbahnhof and is perfect if you're looking for a little uncomplicated fun. Here, dumplings reign supreme on a menu filled with Bavarian favourites, but it's their cabaret artist and self-proclaimed "Dirndl dress magician" Fanny Bimslechner, who will keep you coming back for more. 

    3. Stroll through the Night Market

    Usually, you'd expect to visit flea markets very early in the morning to grab the best pieces. But here in Werksviertel, the markets don't start until 5pm, giving you more time to see the city during the day and something fun to do after dark. Whilst it's not on the same scale as Paris' Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, the largest flea market in the world, there are plenty of local wares on display, bands often play at night and, best of all, and you can enjoy a delicious drink whilst strolling and browsing.

    4. Enjoy the Werksviertel from Above

    When you visit Werksvietel, you can't help but notice the enormous 78m Ferris wheel that takes pride of place near the Ostbahnhof railway station. Not only is this the world's largest mobile Ferris Wheel - so it's worth a spin just for that fact alone - but it's just a temporary attraction on a site that's been earmarked for a brand-new concert hall. Expect a breath-taking panorama of the entire city, the surrounding alpine countryside, but you can also see the transformation of the Werksvietel district on every subsequent visit.

    Insider Tip: Add a touch of romance to your stay with a sunset spin on the ferris wheel with the one you love (be sure to pre-book) or start the day with a veal sausage breakfast and gorgeous morning views over Munich.

    5. A Taste of Italy in the middle of Munich 

    The Mariss Bar is also located in the multicultural Werksviertel Mitte and brings a little Italian joie de vivre to Munich. Billing themselves as a big family with a passion for Italian cuisine - their pasta is simple, but delicious, and good international wines, the team behind Mariss offer their guests southern Italian delicacies for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In summer, enjoy their seasonal salami, cheese and sausage specialties on a wooden board accompanied, by an Aperitivo or Birra Ichnusa. In winter there are plenty of heartier options to choose from, and all equally delicious.

    These are our top five attractions, but there's plenty more to whet your appetite on any visit to Werksviertel Mitte, and a stay at Adina Hotel Munich puts you in the thick of the action.  The new Adina Hotel Munich is not only the highest located hotel, but also boasts one of the few rooftop bars in the city... making it an ideal stay for weekend staycations, longer visits with the family or a quick overnighter for work.

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    * Activities listed may be subject to Covid restrictions.*