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    5 Fundamentals for your Perfect Girls' Weekend Getaway

    Image: iStock

    EUROPE: Do you miss sharing happy moments together with your best friend? Well, with restrictions easing, the time's right to plan a weekend getaway and reconnect.

    In difficult times like these you understand once again how important good friends are. Friendship and togetherness are needed much more than ever –  so grab your girlfriends and let's go!  Here are our five top tips that will make your little getaway with your friends unforgettable. 

    1.Start the day with a delicious breakfast!

    It's the most important meal of the day AND the perfect way to start your day!  Due to current resturictions, it’s not possible to provide a breakfast buffet however our spacious apartments come fully equipped with kitchenettes, so whipping up your own delicious brekkie is super easy to do... and you can relax and eat it in your PJs - there's no judgment here! Simply order your breakfast choices the day before you arrive and you can have it delivered to your door the next morning.

    2. Let yourself wander and explore the city by foot!

    Can you imagine anything better than the spontaneity of discovering beautiful places and lingering as long as you wish? Our Adina Apartment Hotels are suberbly located in major city centres and just a short walk from the main attractions. Once you've worked out your sightseeing plan of attack, take your time for getting there and savour the journey. Many hidden courtyards, cool street art pieces, fascinating buildings or delicious dining options have already been discovered like this, so keep your eyes open.

    3. Good food and better drinks!

    Holidays are about good food, great wine and the company of friends. When staying at Adina Hotels, you’ll have your private kitchenette with enough space to make a communal meal. Why not choose a three-course menu and prepare it together. Of course, no girl's weekend is complete without a cocktail or two, so how about homemade Moscow Mules or Mojitos? Our Adina team will be more than happy to give you the tricks and tips of the trade.

    4. Wellness and relaxing with friends

    After months in lockdown, why not do something good for your body? Let your hands shine with a manicure, or take the time for a hair treatment that leaves you with luscious shiny locks. You could also treat yourselves to face masks in a salon or do-it-yourself masks in the comfort of your apartment style hotel. Either way, you’ll feel a million dollars the next day!

    5. Girls-only movie night

    Did someone say RomCom? When you've got the girls together, it's the ideal time to watch the movies that your partner will never watch with you. Plus, there's no judgment when your friends sing the sountrack. From classics like Dirty Dancing to schmaltzy American romantic comedies, everything is allowed during your girls vacation. All you need to do is slip into something comfy and sink into the living rooms sofa, maybe make some popcorn in the microwave and just enjoy!

    Your happy place! When it comes to weekends with friends, Adina Hotels is the perfect choice and we've got gorgeous room styles to suit all tastes and budgets.