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    Holiday Hopping: Europe's Top Cities for Extended Weekends

    Image: Miodrag Gajic

    EUROPE: With holiday season just around the corner, now's the time to plan a weekend getaway. Seize this chance to explore new places, check out the latest hot spots, and be inspired by the treasures just waiting to be uncovered. From the lively streets of Leipzig to Vienna's urban recreational areas, we've got tips for an unforgettable break in Vienna, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Berlin. So, pack your bags and join us on a journey of discovery.

    Vienna: Sensory Delights at Café Landmann and CopaBeach

    Situated near Vienna's Rathausplatz, Café Landmann boasts 150 years of tradition, making it one of the city's most beloved coffee houses. Offering a delectable assortment of pastries and a tempting lunch menu, it's a must-visit foodie destination. Don't miss out on their famous “Kaiserschmarrn” (a delicious traditional Austrian dessert that consists of chopped-up pancake pieces).

    In Vienna you can also check out CopaBeach a public oasis along the Danube that blends lush greenery with sandy shores, easily accessible via the U1. Lounge in a beach chair, sip on a refreshing drink from the beach bar, and unwind in the early summer atmosphere by the riverside. It's the perfct spot to dive into those holiday vibes.

    Frankfurt: Cider Taverns and Unforgettable Views

    If you're seeking a culinary adventure, look no further than the city of Frankfurt. Explore the typical cider taverns of the Sachsenhausen district where you'll find the legendary Green Sauce with potatoes and eggs, as well as tangy “Handkäse” (a traditional cheese), and also a refreshing cold apple wine. We recommend hitting up "Das Gemalte Haus," "Apfelwein Wagner," or the cosy "Fichtekränzi," where you can find delicious Frankfurt cuisine.

    And how about a trip to Lohrberg? It's not just Frankfurt's only vineyard, but also a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by wine and food lovers. Enjoy stunning views of the Frankfurt skyline while treating your taste buds to a gastronomic delight: savour life with a glass of wine and a breath of city air. Lohrberg is the epitome of indulgence and is sure to inspire your next Instagram post.

    Hamburg: Harbor Adventures with Fish Market and Boat Tour

    How does an indulgent brunch at "The Special Connection" by Hamburg's Fish Market sound to you? Here, you'll not only find quality and healthy food but also a variety of coffee specialties too. Immerse yourself in the Fish Market atmosphere and treat yourself to local delights. Whether you prefer savoury or sweet treats, there's something for everyone to feast on here.

    While you're there, why not hop on a boat tour? The Hamburg Harbor offers the perfect opportunity for just that. Enjoy the fresh breeze and breathtaking views of the harbour as you leisurely drift on the water. 

    Leipzig: Culinary Journey and Water Fun

    Step into the culinary wonderland of "Eisenbahnstraße" during your Leipzig escapade. This vibrant street boasts a kaleidoscope of flavours, from traditional German fare to exotic delicacies.

    Just a stone's throw away from Adina Leipzig, the Stadthafen Leipzig awaits - your portal to adventure! Rent a kayak or canoe on a sunny day and glide along Leipzig's picturesque canals where you can bask in a delightful blend of urban excitement and natural beauty. 

    Berlin: Eggs Benedict and Mauerpark Flea Market

    When hunger pangs hit during your Berlin adventure, make a beeline for Tucker Brunch Bar - THE go-to brunch spot in Friedrichshain. Just hop, skip, and jump away from Ostkreuz Station, indulge in a week treat from the menu. They have all the brunch classics including Eggs Benedict. 

    For unforgettable moments, swing by Mauerpark Flea Market, nestled in the heart of vibrant Prenzlauer Berg. Here, you'll stumble upon a treasure trove of vintage clothes, furniture, and handmade goodies waiting to be uncovered at every turn. But wait, there's more! Sample mouthwatering delights from a plethora of food stalls. And the pièce de résistance? The iconic Mauerpark karaoke on the adjacent lawn is an absolute must-do - trust us, you won't regret it.

    Your Perfect Place for Long and Cosy Weekends

    These holidays, create memories to last a lifetime in our handpicked top cities. Whether you're drawn to the historic charm of Vienna, the bustling streets of Frankfurt, the maritime allure of Hamburg, the cultural richness of Leipzig, or the electrifying energy of Berlin - a warm welcome awaits you at our Adina Hotels in every city. With a sprinkle of luck, you might just stumble upon the perfect offer tailored just for you. Check out our current offers.