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    Goal Cheers and Fan Fiestas: EM Events in Germany 2024

    Image: Miodrag Gajic

    GERMANY: Immerse yourself in football fever at the 2024 European Championship in Germany! Whether you're a die-hard fan or just love great entertainment, we've got you covered. From vibrant fan zones to unique events, here are our top recommendations to discover the highlights of the EM season in Germany:

    Score Big in Berlin: Unforgettable Fun at the Berlin Fan Mile

    In the heart of the capital, the “Straße des 17. Juni” comes alive as the Berlin Fan Mile becomes the gathering spot for football enthusiasts. From mid-June to mid-July, prepare for a spectacular experience right in front of the majestic Brandenburg Gate. On the turf, you can watch the games in a historic atmosphere on the giant screen - almost as if you were there in person.

    Frankfurt: Floating Fun Above the River Main

    Catch all the EURO 2024 action on a floating screen high above the Main River! From 14 June to 14 July, the northern bank of the Main River transforms into an epic fan zone. Get ready to soak up the game-day excitement while enjoying panoramic views of the Main River and the iconic Museum Embankment. And don't miss out on sipping the region's famous crisp and fruity Apfelwein (apple wine) as you cheer on your favourite teams!

    Hamburg: Opera with a Kick!

    Where do emotions collide in a crescendo like on the football field? In the opera house, naturally.. Discover the seamless blend of football fervour and operatic flair at Opernloft Hamburg. From 31 May to 12 July, opera stars will belt out fan chants and football anthems in a performance that will leave you cheering for more.  Think of it like a stadium with a touch of operatic magic.

    Munich's Football Extravaganza at Olympiapark Festival

    From 14 June to 14 July, the Olympiapark in Munich transforms into an electrifying football oasis. Experience top-notch live public viewing that captivates even non-football fans. With various shows and entertainment by the beloved local radio station “Antenne Bayern”, the Olympiapark promises fun for your whole family or group.

    11 Walls: Street Art and Surprise Concerts Across 10 German Top Cities

    You don't even have to choose just one city for the ‘11 Walls’, as a total of 10 German cities will be joining the cultural programme during Euro 2024. Visitors can experience the feeling of the European Championships not only in the stadium, but also during the supporting programme in the central squares of the German EM metropolises. The ‘11 Walls’ programme offers film screenings, art exhibitions, concerts and street art events - you are sure to find the right programme for you!

    Unlock the Answer: What do These Cities Share?

    Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart are all painting the town with a vibrant tapestry of culture and entertainment during the EURO weeks. Plus, each city has at least one Adina Hotel! Don't miss out - book your studio or apartment in your chosen city now!