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    Life in the Slow Lane in Dusseldorf

    horstgerlach / iStock

    GERMANY: When travelling, you often rush from one sightseeing spot to the next and sometimes there's just not enough time to relax. Today, we're slowing the pace down and sharing five places off the beaten track in beautiful Dusseldorf.

    1. Count Sheep on the Rhine Meadows

    Would you believe that just a stone's through Dusseldorf's bustling old town, you can feel the grass beneath your toes (there are plenty of therapeutic health benefits to that) and watch sheep peacefully graze. Or, if you simply can't wind down on your holiday break, why not try counting them and getting a little mid-afternoon shuteye if you need to catch up on sleep. Dusseldorf's Rhine meadows are a luxury that locals love; they're always beautifully maintained and, best of all, the sheep are well-fed and happy to pose for an Instagram snap or two. 

    2. Romance at Café “Pure Freude”

    Dusseldorf locals tells of a street - “Hohe Straße 19” - with a hidden courtyard and a pretty Café “Pure Freude” offering excellent coffee, pastries and desserts and a dollop of romance. The cafe's name, which means pure joy, lives up to its promise. Expect an enchanted inner courtyard, with many flowers and plants, which sets the mood for a little afternoon delight.

    3. Sunset on the Rhine Steps

    If the most beautiful things in life are often free, then watching the sunset from the Rhine steps should be top of your to-do list. This meeting place for locals is located directly at the Kasematten. And if staring at the sun is thirsty work, you can easily grab a cold drink from the nearby kiosk and soak up the convivial atmosphere. On weekends, street performers entertain the Rhine Steps crowd and it's our top tip for an afternoon well spent.

    4. Stroll Through the Hip “Lorettostraße”

    Dusseldorf's Lorettostraße has developed into a creative and colourful meeting place. Here, you can stroll for hours, people-watch and imbibe at one of the many cafés or restaurants nearby. And, if breakfast is your thing, you can eat it at any time of the day in this neck of the woods. But our favourite pastime is just meandering through the small individual shops, which sell everything from cutting-edge interior design and works of art to hip fashion.

    5. Take a Secret Tour

    To really get the most out of your Dusseldorf adventure, we recommend the free Secret Tip Tour through the city. Over three leisurely hours, you'll wander or wheel your way through relatively unknown parts of the city, with some well-known spots thrown in for good measure. And, best of all, the tour is browser-based, so all you need is a smartphone and a sense of adventure. 

    Where to Stay

    The newly opened Adina Hotel Dusseldorf is our top tip for a hotel stay that'll make you feel at home even when you are on the road. The hotel is centrally located and a great base from which to explore. All it takes is one click and you can take advantage of our special accommodation offers.