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    Discover Stuttgart & Wiesbaden Wine Regions

    Image: Dimensions / iStock

    GERMANY: It's that special time of year again - harvest season in Germany's wine regions. So why not get to know what it's all about with a trip to Stuttgart and Wiesbaden - home to some of the country's best vineyards - and Adina Hotels. From the red wine growing region of Württemberg to the idyllic Rheingau, known for its Riesling, we have the best experiences for you. 

    Tap Your Own Wine at the Self Exploring Wine Experience Stuttgart

    Do you sometimes find it difficult to find the right wine for you? Then get yourself to "Sitt" Stuttgart, a wine bar where you can sample up to 100 wines! Once you've found the perfect drop, you can then pour your own wine at the touch of a button. Stitt also hosts regular interactive wine events so you can keep tasting and learning to find the right one for you.

    Stuttgart Wine Museum: Experience 2000 Years of Winegrowing

    In the idyllic wine-growing town of Stuttgart-Uhlbach, find the Wine Museum, home to over 2,000 years of wine-growing history. Explore the different exhibits that take you through the long history and varied characteristics of wine. You'll learn fascinating and curious facts on viniculture as you test your nose on the different soil aromas from “Bodagfährtle”, or terroir, in the bouquet of Swabia’s wines.

    After visitng the exhibits do the fine wine tasting experience to find a wine you might like to take back to your Adina Hotel and enjoy. 

    When the Broom Hangs - “Broom Taverns” Stuttgart

    In Stuttgart, get to know about an ancient and local tradition of “Besenwirtschaften,” or broomstick inns. These temporary taverns, or wine bars, are open for just four months a year during harvest season. Here, regional vintners gather to serve their recently harvested wines, for as long as the supply lasts. To this day, it all takes place in their own home, barn or basement, spare room or even garage converted into a cozy setting for friendly and rustic get-togethers.

    You may spot a broom or broom emblem hanging over a garden gate or above an entrance door: It’s called a “Besa,” the Swabian word for “Besen,” or broom to identify being 'open for business.' It’s mainly during this time of year when broomstick inns are open and the locals like to “go by the broom.”

    Insider Tip: The "Besen66" or the "Besenwirtschaft im Grünen" in Stuttgart, give exact opening times during "Broom Time", which can go from August to December. Both venues also offer menus to accompany wine, which change daily.

    The Oldest and One of the World's Best United in Wiesbaden

    Wiesbaden is home to two very special wineries, the first is "Schloss Vollrads", the oldest winery in the country at 800 years old. Here you can taste and buy wines in the vinotheque, there is also an estate restaurant with a cosy and casual atmosphere for dining. "Schloss Johannisberg", on the other hand, is ranked 8th among the world's best wineries and is well regarded for its Riesling with the largest Riesling terroirs on the planet. Guests can book a picnic, guided tour including a tasting or enjoy a meal in the vinotheque and the "Schlossschänke" restaurant.

    Hiking Along the Vines and Vineyards

    Nature lovers and wine connoisseurs will love Wiesbaden's hiking trails. The first two stages of the "Rheinsteig" hike starts in Wiesbaden and runs along the slopes of the Taunus and vineyards. It's a long hike, about 28 km, for which you should plan about 7-8 hours, alternatively, join part of the route for a shorter walk. Another hike is the "Rheingau Klostersteig", which takes you to six monasteries and past various vineyards and wineries for you to drop into along the away. It's also around 28km long, so be well prepared and equipped.

    The Perfect Place to Relax after Numerous Wine Experiences

    In the wine region around Stuttgart, Adina Hotel Stuttgart not only offers you plenty of relaxation thanks to its large apartments and wellness area - the wine tasting can even go further in the hotel's own "BarSTRonomy"! Here you can enjoy various regional wines on the rooftop with a beautiful view over Stuttgart. When in Wiesbaden's wine region, stay at Adina Hotel Wiesbaden, which is centrally located in the newly designed "Kureck" and offers the perfect starting point for your wine trip.