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    Discover the Best Festivals in Frankfurt this Summer

    Photo: Shutterstock / Valerian Alecsa

    GERMANY: Frankfurt is mainly known as a business metropolis, but there is so much more to discover in the Hessian city. Culture, music or culinary delights: Frankfurt offers many summer festivals and events that not only attract Frankfurters to join!

    Open Air Festival Stoffel from 2 June until 13 July 2019

    Whether meeting friends, eating a classic bratwurst, singing and dancing - the open air festival STOFFEL stands for "Stalburg Theater offen Luft" and invites visitors to the Günthersburgpark into a casual, special atmosphere. Open air with a varied music and children's program ("STOFFELCHEN"), theatre and cabaret or simply enjoying the sun, sitting and chatting with friends - the STOFFEL is like a big garden party where young and old come together. The large meadows of the Günthersburgpark in the Nordend-Ost district invite you to picnic in the shade of redwood trees, black pines, bluebells and Kentucky coffeetrees. Children have plenty of space to romp and play while adults can celebrate with a glass of cider and music.

    Opernplatzfest from 26 June until 5 July 2019 

    The Opernplatzfest is a tribute to one of Frankfurt's most beautiful squares. If you get off at the underground station "Alte Oper" you are already in the center of the cultural festival and will find live music, walking acts and piano concerts for almost ten days. The festival also has a lot to offer in culinary terms. Visitors have to make the most difficult decision when choosing their food: at numerous stands, palate lovers of the highest quality and new food trends from Spanish tapas to Brazilian snack specialties to unusual cupcakes are offered and turn the festival into a gourmet paradise. All the information you need about the Opernplatzfest is available here (only availbale in German). 

    Wireless Festival 5-6 July 2019

    The original London Wireless Festival has been celebrating urban and pop music history for over twelve years and will return to Frankfurt this year - after its German premiere in 2017. The two open air stages at the Alter Rebstockpark on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds will feature internationally successful artists from hip hop, rap and urban pop, including Rita Ora, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Migos, Marteria & Casper and many more. Information and tickets available here.

    Main festival from 2-5 August 2019

    The traditional folk festival takes place every year at Römerberg and Mainkai. With the Mainfest, Frankfurters and guests celebrate the river, which is recognized as an important lifeline of the city. In addition to amusement rides, children's carousels, game stands and many culinary offers, the historical Fischerstechen is one of the highlights. In the competition, two teams compete against each other on rowing boats. The aim is to push the members of the other teams from their boats into the water with the help of a spear. The fisherman's stabbing is an old custom, which originally was a fight between the fishermen for the best locations on the fish market. Even if today they are only show fights for entertainment - it is worth it to be there! More information

    Frankfurt Apple Wine Festival from 9-18 August 2019

    Frankfurt dedicates its own festival – where everything is about the apple – to its "national drink"! The apple wine culture has developed into a lifestyle of the city that is duly celebrated. At Frankfurt's Roßmarkt in the city centre, everything revolves around the Hessian folk drink "Ebbelwei" on ten festival days. In addition to the many different apple wines, special delicacies such as apple wine sorbet, apple wine sausage, tarte flambé with apple or apple secco are offered here. At the same time, the organizers offer a colorful supporting program with live music and comedy. More information here.

    Museumsuferfest from 23-25 August 2019

    For three days, Frankfurt celebrates its museums and its river in a unique combination of art and culture, music and culinary arts - directly on the bank of the river Main in the heart of the city in front of the wonderful Frankfurt skyline. The museums are lined up like a string of pearls on the banks of the Main. From the Archaeological Museum and the German Architecture Museum to the Städel Museum, Frankfurt's museums offer an impressive variety of national and international art and cultural history. During the festival, over 22 museums and 17 stages on both banks of the Main provide an extraordinary and entertaining program. There is also a lot on offer for the young visitors: the kids learn how the cavemen lived in the Stone Age or go on a fairytale journey. One of the highlights is the traditional dragon boat race on the Main. With over two million visitors, the extraordinary programs of the Frankfurt museums, stage shows, live music and arts and crafts, the Museumsuferfest is one of the largest European cultural festivals. More information here.