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    Discover Copenhagen Architectural Gems

    Image: AleksanderNakic / iStock

    DENMARK: Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik has officially deemed 2023 as the Year of Architecture in Copenhagen a nd the Danish capital is set to celebrate its title as UNESCO World Capital of Architecture through events and exhibitions that show off the city's spectacular architectural heritage. Here are our 5 must-dos on any visit.

    A Sculptural Masterpiece: The Copenhagen Opera House

    Plan a visit to the Copenhagen Opera House, a spectacular masterpiece that's an absolute must-see in our eyes. This beautiful building was designed by the famous Danish architect Henning Larsen and opened in 2005. The Opera House offers a stunning view over the nearby ocean and harbour entrance while the distinct white, sculptural design blends with its surroundings perfectly. Not only is the building an architectural masterpiece, but is also a cultural hub for first-class musical performances.

    The "Black Diamond": Copenhagen Library

    The Copenhagen Library, or as locals call it, the "Black Diamond", is a dazzling architectural gem that attracts visitors from all over the world. Located on the waterfront of Copenhagen Harbour, the futuristic design of what is the new extension to the old Royal Library, was first revealed back in 1999. The breathtaking contrasts of old and new are a stunning example of Scandinavian style, which combines heritage structure with innovative design. Not only is the building's architecture a feast for the eyes, but it's also functional, offering a bunch of different spaces to relax and read. 

    The Magnificent Royal Danish Playhouse

    Next up: the Royal Danish Playhouse! This iconic building was built back in 1874 and really encompasses Copenhagen's distinct design style. After an extensive renovation in 2008, the theatre is home to an elegant exterior that matches its opulent interior. The building is designed in a neoclassical style and the façade is made of white marble making it Instaworthy for any tourism shots. Once you step inside, you'll be greeted with a magnificent entrance area that boasts high ceilings, stunning chandeliers, and a majestic staircase. The main hall of the theatre boasts curved balconies and impressive stage set.

    Creative Architecture for Winter Sports Lovers: The Amager Bakke Power Station

    One of the remarkable features of the Amager Bakke power plant is the creative use of its roofspace... after all, there's a ski slope up there! While it may seem like a whacky idea, this is a brilliant example of how architecture and sustainability can work together. Plus, it's a great use of space! The power plant not only produces energy, but it also offers a fun spot for vistors and locals alike to indulge in winter sport. You can hit the slopes from October to April, so grab your skis and get ready to shred.

    Sustainability Meets Modern Architecture: The Danish National Bank

    The National Bank of Denmark is an excellent example of functional architecture. Its exterior is made up of grey marble slabs and black façade elements, with no fancy ornamentation. Excitingly, the architects used eco-friendly materials like recycled wood, and made sure there's plenty of natural light getting in to keep the energy usage low.

    And, in an economical use of space, the rooftop is home to a green garden that supplies fresh herbs to the bank's canteen. That’s a pretty cool way of integrating sustainability into architecture, if you ask us!

    My Other Address in Copenhagen

    These buildings are just some architectural sites worth visiting in Copenhagen during the Year of Architecture 2023, but there are so many more beauties to see. And if you're keen to explore them, we have a home away from home to suit you. The Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen, offers spacious studios and apartments - complete with kitchen and laundry - in the heart of the city. Click here for our latest offers.