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    Cool Facts About Singapore

    Image: Shutterstock

    SE ASIA: Singapore, originally named Singapura, has come a long way since its independence in 1965. With nicknames like ‘Garden City’, ‘Fine City’ and their very own language ‘Singlish’, this little red dot encompasses a multifold of quirky attributes uniquely Singapore. With the opening of Adina Serviced Apartments Singapore Orchard last July, we're diving headfirst into some fun facts about the tropical island (or islands).  

    The Mythical Merlion 

    Singapore’s mascot, the Merlion statue, is an iconic photo spot for anyone visiting the island nation. In fact, one cannot leave Singapore without taking a quirky picture to create the illusion of the Merlion spouting water into one’s mouth for their Instagramfeed. The Merlion’s body, consisting of a lion and a fish, originated from Singapore’s history as a fishing village, and ‘Singapura’, the city’s original name in Sanskrit that translates to ‘lion city’.  

    Not a Lone Island 

    Did you know that Singapore is not made up of one, but as many as 64 islands? Although land reclamation has now merged some of these islands together, you can still visit some of the prominent ones today, making them a perfect getaway from the bustle of the city centre. One of them is Sentosa Island, home to famous attractions like Universal Studios and the thrilling Adventure Cove Waterpark. Pulau Ubin Island and Coney Island are also favoured spots among nature and wildlife lovers.  

    The First Tropical Garden on the UNESCO World Heritage List 

    With displays of beautiful flora and foliage all around, the serene Singapore Botanic Gardens is a popular spot for a morning stroll and picnics on the weekends. The Gardens were actually the first and only tropical botanic garden to be inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, pledging a commitment to sustainability and preservation of the heritage trees planted within. 

    The World’s Tallest Indoor Waterfall 

    Did you know that Singapore's sunny shore is also home to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall?  Cascading from a height of 40 meters, the HSBC Rain Vortex at the heart of JEWEL Changi Airport bestows a refreshing sight in the day when the water droplets catch the sun rays. Once the sun sets, it is a mesmerizing sight with a light and sound show projected onto the waterfall.  

    Singlish: It's Officially in the Oxford Dictionary 

    When you ask someone how to spot a Singaporean overseas, they will most likely say by the use of their “Singlish”. With a bunch of expressions like ‘shiok’, ‘wah’ and ‘lepak’, this colloquial language has become so iconic that a total of 27 Singlish words have been officially printed in the Oxford dictionary. Swee lah!  

    Explore the Quicks with a Stay on Orchard Road

    Now that you are well-equipped with some fun facts, you are ready to explore Singapore like a local! Stay at Adina Serviced Apartments Singapore Orchard for the best experience – you can visit the Merlion statue in a few minutes' drive away or enjoy a tranquil morning walk at the Singapore Botanic Gardens a few stops from Somerset MRT.