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    City Breaks in an European Autumn

    Ivanko_Brnjakovic / iStock

    GERMANY: With the change of season, Europe's cities and landscapes are shimmering in a daze of gold and red as Autumn foliage finds its colours.  With pleasant temperatures, less people travelling and a generally relaxed atmosphere, it really is the perfect time to explore.

    Those Balmy Autumn Days

    As Autumn blows away the heat of summer and ocean temperatures start to drop, the balmy breezes make Autumn one of the best seasons to travel in Europe. Not only will you escape the summer crowds (and prices), but you're almost guaranteed lovely weather which makes the season perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. 

    Plenty of Holidays and Public Holidays

    Autumn holidays fall between October and November making long weekend getaways almost impossible to resist. Our top tip is to take advantage of this time with your family and stay in one of our spacious Adina apartment-style hotels that are dotted through the continent. With kitchen and laundry facilities, you can stay your own way and cook at home to save on the hip pocket.

    Life in the Slow Lane

    One of our top reasons for travelling at autumn is definitely the mood the season brings. After the busy summer, things just sloooooow down and there is something incredibly relaxing about taking time to just stroll through the colourful sounds, sights, and smells of Autumn. It's chicken soup for the soul and great for the Instagram account too.

    Savour the Flavours of Autumn 

    Every year, the Autumn harvest brings with it gorgeous fresh ingredients like pumpkin, carrots, or cabbage to the plate. These ingredients are prepared in different ways in different cities, so if you like your food, why not feast your way through a new town that you've never experienced before and savour the flavours.

    Stay and Play 

    Whether it's family time during the holidays, a weekend trip with friends or a romantic autumn weekend for two – Adina Hotel's studios and apartments offer more options and space for relaxing moments with their own kitchens and welcoming living spaces. Centrally located, our apartment-style hotels are the ideal base for time out from your every day. Click for our current offers.