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    Vienna, Copenhagen or Both? A Pocket Guide to 2 Gorgeous Cities.

    Flavio Vallenar & KavalenkavaVolhai / iStock

    EUROPE: Are you Team Copenhagen or Team Vienna? Copenhagen is a pretty harbour city with plenty to amuse whilst Vienna oozes old world charm.  If you can't choose between them, why not choose both?  English magazine "The Economist" produces an annual comparison of cities that looks at the quality of life and whilst Vienna regular tops the list, Copenhagen is also one of the few European cities to make it into the top 10. 

    Danube Island or Fresh Sea Breezes?

    Vienna's Danube Island is famous for swimming, boating, cycling, playing beach volleyball and delicous outdoor picnics. Among the numerous wild bathing areas and beaches there's also a safe family bathing beach that's suitable for children. There's also a water slide, a surfing school, a water ski lift and a boat rental service to ensure you have plenty of fun out on the water.

    Copenhagen is situated by the seaside and naturally offers plenty of swimming options for your holiday. One of the most popular places to spend a sunny day is Amager Beach Park - Copenhagen's largest metropolitan beach - which is a leisurely 10 minute bike ride from the city centre.

    Scrumptious Schnitzel or Coastal Cuisine?

    While Austrian cuisine is generally more salt-of-the-earth, Viennese cuisine was  influenced by immigrants from what is now Hungary and is slightly more decadent. Besides delicious goulash and the enormous Wiener Schnitzel on every menu, you should definitely dabble in the delicious sweet dishes - “Mehlspeisen” is a sweet strudel with wafer-thin dough, Kaiserschmarrn are shredded sweet pancakes with raisins and the city's world-famous Sacher Torte is a chocolate lover's delight - that the city is famous for.

    When it comes to menus, Copenhagne is thoroughly modern. A current trend sweeping the country is a reinterpretation of traditional recipes, using regional flavours. As you'd expect from a harbour city,there is a lot of fish, but the Danish also love exotic meat, like lean reindeer meat. Our insider tip is to try a local hot dog, the sweet remoulade makes the simple dish a taste sensation.

    Museum or Opera?

    Both cities are culturally diverse with an eclectic blend of old and modern. If you like visiting museums, you'll love Copenhagen. We recommended is the Danish Design Museum, which is a Mecca for lovers of Danish furniture design.

    If you love opera or theatre, you should definitely visit Vienna. The Austrian metropolis is home to one of the city's most important opera houses. With 60 different opera and ballet works each season, you'll have no problem finding something that suits your muscial and theatrical tastes.

    Our Final Two Tips

    Make sure you rent a bike in Copenhagen. The entire city has wide cycle paths, so pedal power is the perfect means of transport. Plus, it means you can burn off the calories after a day spent indulging in local cuisine.

    From the Kahlenberg, whose summit is 480 metres above sea level, you can enjoy the perfect view of Vinenna. And, on a clear day, you can even see out to the Carpathian Mountains of neighbouring Slovakia.

    Both cities offer their guests a wonderful stay with many attractions. And when it comes to choosing a hotel,.our Adina Apartment Hotels offers rooms close to the city centre. Adina Hotel Vienna and the Adina Hotel Copenhagen, are close to many shopping opportunities and city sights are within walking distance. If a holiday is on the cards thi year, click here and take advantage of our current offers.

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    * Activities listed may be subject to Covid restrictions.*