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    A Weekend with Your Mates in Hamburg

    martinns / iStock

    GERMANY: Shake off those pandemic blues and with a long weekend away in Hamburg. And to help with planning, we've put together our all-time five tips for you to make sure that your weekend away with your mates is a weekend to remember.

    Learn Whilst You Drink

    A whiskey tasting is a pleasurable experience and with Hamburg's bounty of high-quality, perfectly blended spirits, you'll be spoiled for chioce: On a tasting tour, you'll learn by drinking and discover the diversity of flavours, the origins of your drink of choice and how to tell the difference between each variety. The distillers call it learning by drinking, but we call it a great day out. Some of Hamburg's finest providers have reopened their doors for smaller groups and whiskey seminars can now be booked. Alternatively, take advantage of a tasting boxes - which contain the spirit and tasting notes - in the comfort of your very own apartment.

    In most of our Adina Hotels (and in both the Adina Hotels in Hamburg) breakfast is delivered directly to your apartment the morning after and can be taken in your private living area. And, with our hotel housekeeping service, any traces of the evening will be removed the next day by the room service.

    Tour the City in an Oldtimer

    Have you ever driven a classic car?  Or experienced the nostalgia or driving in a car that's been built by hand? A weekend away in Hamburg gives you the perfect opportunity to jump behind the wheel of a Rolls Royce or Ford Mustang convertible and travel back to the future. The toughest thing will be deciding who drives and then picking a co-driver who'll navigate to selected spots and sights in Hamburg, leaving the rest of your group to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Put your Pedal to the Metal on a Bike Tour  

    For those that love their sports... a bike tour around the Alster is a great option on any weekend away with your mates. One such tour starts at the Jungfernstieg - the famous walking mile in Hamburg - and takes you past the impressive city skyline and onto a riverside path at Gurlitt-Island. You will cover about 13 kilometres on this one-hour tour and, best of all, it can be done at pace or a slow, steady cycle. You'll be rewarded with new perspectives on the port city of Hamburg and the Ohlsdorf cemetery, the world's largest park cemetery. There are plenty of tour operators hiring bikes or you can hire them from the City of Hamburg themselves.  

    The Sunday Morning Fish Market 

     A visit to the famous fish market on Sunday morning will put you in a good mood even as your weekend away draws to a close. Trust us, the fish rolls taste better here than anywhere else in the city. Plus, you'll experience the cheerful market hustle and bustle and juggle your way between freshly caught fish, fruit (for snacking) and exotic flower stalls for the one you love. Hamburg's fish market reopened in July and is a must-do for seafood lovers.

    A UNESCO Wonder: Hamburg Speicherstadt

    You probably know the Hamburg Speicherstadt from the beautiful pictures online and in postcards, but have you been there yourself? This wonderful UNESCO World Heritage site was built in 1883. The historic Speicherstadt, between Oberhafen and Baumwall, is a real eye-catcher and worth a visit. And best of all, the Adina Hotel Hamburg Speicherstadt, is located – as the name suggests – right there.

    That rounds out our top five attractions, but there's plenty more to explore in Hamburg.  Adina offers two centrally located hotels - one in Hamburg Micheland the other one in Speicherstadt - that are perfect for weekend visits or longer getaways.

    Peace of mind when you stay with us: Introducing Clean Touch

    * Activities listed may be subject to Covid restrictions.*