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    Hygge Days in Copenhagen

    AleksandarNakic / iStock

    DENMARK: The Danish concept of "hygge" is all about finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things, Think people enjoying their best life together with family and friends; eating and drinking fabulous food and wine; street parties; bike rides or walks... all of which are central to hygge culture. So, here are our top tips on getting the best out of your Copenhagen winter holiday, with a little hygge on the side.

    Rain, Hail or Snow: Danes Love Their Long Walks

    Danes love long winter walks and a walk through the charming Indre By neighbourhood, Copenhagen's city centre, King's Garden parklands, or along the beautiful beach promenade in the Østerbro district are just the thing to kickstart the heart on a wintry morning. And, best of all, stretching out in your cosy apartment-style room at the Adina Copenhagen will seem even better after a brisk walk.

    The Living Room: For Drinks and Snacks and Them Hygge Feels

    For that familiar living room feeling on holiday, don't go past the fabulous The Living Room cocktail bar and cafe. Here you can enjoy delicious hot drinks, cold shakes, and even more delicious Danish pastries in a retro-inspired living room. It's the perfect spot to cosy up by the fireplace or rest your legs from days spent exploring this harbour city.

    A Spa Experience of the Copenhagen Kind

    Where else can you relax to the max by taking a spin on a spa boat through the Copenhagen canals or opt for the fire-heated barrel spa by the harbour where the deliciously decadent water ensures that you won't get cold, even in the icy winter months.  And, best of all, you can relax into your spa with incredible views of Copenhagen. Sigh. 

    A Touch of Nostalgia at Tivoli Park

    The historic Tivoli amusement park has many nostalgic rides, such as a wooden roller coaster or an enchantingly illuminated carousel for the young and young-at-heart. Countless food stalls offer Danish delicacies such as smorrebrod for those that want to try local. Our hygge tip: Warm up with a typical Glogg, the mulled wine of the region and there's punch for the little ones.

    Cocmurfew Cocktails as the Sun Goes Down

    The interior of the Curfew Cocktail Bar couldn't be more hygge! Vintage furniture has been carefully selected and collected over the years by the owner and makes for a fun visit. The menu contains many seasonal drinks, classics, and modern interpretations with loving details, lots of creativity, and interesting flavour combinations - it's an absolute highlight for cocktail lovers who want to end their evening on a natural high.

    No matter how you choose to spend your hygge holiday, Adina Copenhagen is a great place to base yourself. Our hotel is located in the heart of the city which means there are plenty of opportunities to explore the city. If you have any questions, just ask us. We're happy to help.

    ** Peace of mind when you stay with us: Introducing Clean Touch. Note some activities listed may be subject to Covid restrictions.