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    5 Reasons Why We Love to Love a Staycation in the City

    Image: visualspace / iStock

    EUROPE: In 2019, a staggering 190 million city trips were made throughout Europe and, despite the global pandemic, those numbers continue to grow. But... when it comes to planning a mini break, why do we love to love our city staycations so much? Here's our top 5 reasons to convince your significant other that you need to book your next city staycations today.

    1. It's Easy Travel

    There's more to a city than just its monuments and these days a flight, train or bus ticket can be booked at such short notice that, before you even know it, you find yourself ready to roll in another city (or country if you're lucky enough to live in Europe). The convenience continues when you arrive... our cities have fabulous infrastructure that makes getting around an absolute breeze.  These days, more and more people are choosing to keep a few vacation days up their sleeves for smaller or more frequent short-notice trips

    Insider Tip: If you book your trips around the changing seasons, you can experience your favourite cities four amazing ways without feeling like you're covering old ground.

    2. Become a Trendsetter in Your Own Hometown

    Trends tend to establish in cities first, so you can not only get amazing inspiration on any visit, but serious shoppers will likely secure exclusive piece that will make their wardrobe the envy of their friends, Whoever coined the phrase 'shop until you drop' obviously knew that an overnight stay was an essential party of any serious city vaycay... after all, it can be tiring work if you're unearthing vintage treasures (a great environmental choice!) as you browse or whether you don a par of flats and head to the big malls or typical shopping streets - such as the Ku'damm in Berlin or the Schildergasse in Cologne.  However you like to shop, cities offer a great range of options for all tastes and budgets... and that's why we love them!

    3. Culture Vultures Unite

    City breaks inspire us like nothing else: architecture, art, international restaurants, theatres, street art or monuments can be found in a relatively small area. If you are interested in combining your art and culture on a sightseeing tour, most big towns offer a City Pass that can transport you to their most popular tourist attractions without the hassle of self-guided travel. We love the sub-cultures that thrive in big cities... so, with a little internet digging, you may choose to go on a street art trail over a museum or stop and watch some performance art in a public space rather than suiting up and heading to the theatre.  It may just give you a fresh perspective on an old favourite.

    4. A Breath of Fresh Air

    It's true, the pace is quicker, and the world spins a little faster in the city... so whilst we might walk our feet off in a city, we can rejoice in the fact that our heads are full of new ideas, impressions, and experiences.  City staycations have the power to change our perspective and shifting how we view the world can be so very powerful in our everyday life.

    Top Tip: It’s fascinating what you see when you veer from your normal path, so challenge yourself to take a different way home - even if it’s not the most efficient route. Just switch things up.  There’s something special about seeing how other people live, experiencing other cultures and broadens one’s horizons -literally and figuratively.

    5. Slow Down and Smell the Roses

    Buck the trend. Cities are bright and noisy and the pace is certainly quicker... but who says you can't sloooooooooow down and put yourself first.  Whether you're looking to pamper yourself with a full day spa OR you want a quick manicure from a High Street salon, you do you.  We challenge you to find the patch of green in amongst the skyscrapers or to immortalise the beauty in an Instagram pic for friends.  

    And, when the work, rest and play is done, you know you can retire to the comfort of your Adina Apartment Hotel and just enjoy being there.  We're conveniently located in the middle of our major cities - from the trendy Hackescher Markt, to the classically chic Mitte, or more traditional Checkpoint Charlie and we're waiting to welcome you with a smile after your busy day. Let your fingers do the walking and start planning your city staycation today... you'll find all our hotel locations right here.

    Peace of mind when you stay with us: Introducing Clean Touch. *Activities listed may be subject to Covid restrictions.