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    5 Cool Reasons to Holiday in Cologne or Berlin

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    GERMANY: Would you prefer a Kölsch in perky Cologne or a craft beer in hip Berlin? Cologne and Berlin are two cities that couldn't be more different, so to help you plan your next trip away, we've listed 5 compelling reasons why you should book your German holiday at one or both. 

    Cordiality Or Anonymity

    In Cologne, you can easily get caught up in a conversation with the person sitting next to you on the train or bus, or to be smiled at and greeted on the street. Berlin, on the other hand, is known for its cooler-than-cool "Berliner Schnauze" - which means very direct honesty and slightly less friendliness. If you love the anonymity of a metropolis, Berlin is the place to be for you. If you enjoy travelling alone and are looking for contacts, you’ll find Cologne's sense of community refreshing.

    Berlin's Old-Building Charm Or Cologne’s Roman Architecture

    If you stroll through the streets of Berlin, you’ll always discover magnificent old buildings with classic facades and stucco. Berlin offers a number of enchanting neighborhoods - Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Graefekiez, Neukölln, Rixdorf, Schillerkiez, Treptow, Mitte and Wedding - that you can drift through and find something interesting to see or do on your city stroll. In Cologne, lovers of Romanesque architecture listen up: No other German city has so many Romanesque collegiate and monastic churches... but there are some cool neighbourhoods too, like the artists quarter, Ehrenfeld or Mülheim, the lively Turkish area.

    Art And Culture

    Cologne's centre sprawls out around the cathedral and you'll find almost all the important art and cultural sites nice and close. Locals will tell you that you’ll never have to walk far in Cologne to discover the city's sights and experience its culture, which is perfect for those on tight timeframes. In Berlin, art lovers have a huge choice and there's much to explore when it comes to diversity. For us, every neighborhood in the big city has its own center with galleries and exhibitions, is so there's always something to amuse.

    Bathing And Splashing

    Cologne has several thermal baths to offer, such as the Neptunbad or the Claudius Therme. Children who love action will love the family-friendly Aqualand: Its numerous slides, such as the Boomerang Tyre Slide or the Looping Slide, make children's eyes light up. For adults, there is a large sauna area and an appealing wellness area. In Berlin, you will find fewer large pools and spas, but the German capital comes up with individual experience offers: Rent a private sauna boat for your family or friends! Then you can smoothly drive along on the Spree river or a lake while you enjoy your infusion.

    We Love the Nightlife 

    Berlin's nightlife has a rather one-sided focus on techno and electronic music, where hip creative people set new fashion trends and techno lovers congregate from all over the world, whilst Cologne's nightlife is more mainstream. Here, people sing along loudly to Schlager or hits from the eighties in the discos and clubs. 

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