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    Top Tips: How to Recharge on Your Next Business Trip

    Photo: Ross Helen / iStock

    GERMANY: For many people, business trips are an integral part of your working life. But, after a long day of calls, presentations or meetings, it's super important to relax and recharge your batteries ready for the next day... and that's where ourAdina Hotels, with our spacious apartment-style rooms with kitchen and laundries shine. So, if you're travelling for business, here are our tips for maintaining work-life balance.

    Cook Your Own Supper

    Prepping a tasty meal exactly the way you like it, is the perfect way to 'start' your evening at 'home'. For many, cooking is not just a means to an end, but way to relax and unwind... and it's even better when paired with a tasty local wine. All our studios and apartments throughout the Adina network come with a fully equipped kitchen including pots and pans and essential kitchen utensils. And when it comes to the all-important grocery shop, our hotels are conveniently located in city centres so you can easily pick up fresh produce.

    Top Tip: If you're visiting Hamburg, be sure to schedule a visit to a traditional food market when your working day ends. The “St.Pauli Nachtmarkt” is located in close proximity to our Adina Hamburg Spiecherstadt and Adina Hamburg Michel and offers up a treasure trove of delicious ingredients.

    Work Your Way to Wellness

    It was invented by the Finns but adopted by the world!  After all, who doesn't love the cosy warmth and decadence of a sauna to recharge your batteries and relax tired muscles after a day spent on the go? Every Adina Hotel throughout our European hotel network boasts a sauna and wellness area... so you can heat up and cool down in absolute comfort.

    DID YOU KNOW? Saunas not only soothe tired muscles, but they also relieve stress, improve cardiovascular performance, flush toxins and can help you sleep better.

    For those that like a healthy start to the day, we invite you to indulge in a couple of lazy laps in the heated pool or catch a few z's on the cosy lounges before your working day begins.

    Indulge in a Little Yoga or Meditation

    Ohmmm. Yoga is a must if you want to glide gently out of work mode and leave the thoughts of the day behind. In our spacious studios and apartments there's plenty of room to roll out your yoga mat and continue your daily routine. Add a little soft music in the background to soothe the soul and let your mind to rest.

    If you're already an expert at bending and stretching, we recommend adding  some dynamic asanas - a single leg balance, standing cat cow or a plank to dolphin plank - to your yoga session... it's a wonderful way to relax into your day.

    Let's Get Physical

    There's no reason your exercise routine has to suffer because you're away from home. Trust us, after sitting for long periods of time at meetings, in a plane or on the train, your body will thank you for it. So, if you're a fitness fanatic with a preference for treadmill, weight training or resistance exercises using your own body weight, then we've got just the spot for you.  All Adina Hotels offer modern fitness areas, so there's no excuse not to get physical.

    Get Your Motor Running 

    After a long day at the office, running is the ultimate release. From the moment you lace up your shoes and put on your playlist to that sweet moment when your thoughts run free as your pound the pavement, running is nature's stress reliever. Our friendly hotel teams know their local area like the back of their hands, so when you stay at an Adina Hotel, you can quite easily combine your after-work run with a mini sightseeing tour.

    Insider Tip: If you like to pace yourself out on a longer run... there are plenty of quiet running tracks away from traffic and the city centre. If you're staying at Adina Nuremberg the incredibly scenic Wöhrder See is a popular place with locals and conveniently located around a kilometre from the hotel.

    A Cultural Stress Reliever

    For culture vultures, a visit to a new city offers the chance to uncover local cultural treasures. From art exhibitions to lectures or private viewings, a dose of local culture can provide the perfect pick-me-up when you're working away from home. Guests checking in to the Adina Hotel Hackescher Markt can take full advantage of the artsy delights of the nearby Drink and Draw cafe. Run as an art collective, the cafe offers a place to draw and, as the name suggests, drink. It's a great way for visitors to immerse themselves in Berlin's open art scene and make new friends.

    Pro Tip: Blend Business and Pleasure 

    Don't underestimate the healing powers of Bleisure trips! The blending of business and leisure is growing popularity these days and a great way to make the most  of our busy lives. With the modern conveniences of home - kitchen and laundry - AND space to stretch out, our Adina Hotels are ideally placed to house the family on a bleisure location.

    Stay Longer and Save

    Our centrally located Adina Hotels are perfect for business, leisure and longer stays. And, as an added incentive, when you stay three nights or longer, you save up to 20%. Book now!