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    What Locals Love To Do In Bondi

    There’s more to Bondi than just the beach. This vibrant coastal suburb in Sydney’s east is rich with entrepreneurs, artists, and eccentric long-term residents. Once you’ve had your fill of sand and surf, do it like a local and discover some of the nooks and crannies of this ever-changing neighbourhood.  

    5 Things That Are So Sydney

    Everyone knows about Sydney’s big guns: the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo, the Royal Botanic Gardens, the museums, the galleries. But look deeper and you’ll find plenty of quirks and eccentricities befitting a city so diverse and rich in both nature and culture. Here are some of the less celebrated but still enchanting things to do in Sydney.  

    Relax by the Seaside at Adina Coogee Sydney

    We love Coogee and to make sure you blend with the locals from the get-go, be sure to pronounce the 'oo' as a short sound like in the word 'book' so you get "Coog-ee". This popular seaside suburb combines the buzz of the eastern beaches with a laid-back vibe. And spending time here allows you to soak up the good life and the energizing salt air, and let all the stresses of everyday life drift away on the sea breeze.