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On-site Dining
Adina Apartment Hotel Pentridge Melbourne


Savor the flavors of Melbourne at Adina Apartment Hotel Pentridge, where on-site dining options North & Common and Olivine Wine Bar offer delectable dishes and drinks to suit any taste.

Indulge in a mouthwatering meal at North & Common, serving up contemporary cuisine with a nod to local ingredients and flavors.

Or unwind with a glass of fine wine at Olivine Wine Bar, featuring an extensive selection of premium wines and craft cocktails.

Whether it's a quick bite or a leisurely evening, our on-site dining options are sure to satisfy.

North & COMMON

A focus on locally sourced and seasonal ingredients ensures our selection is always fresh and aligned with the season. Our team draw inspiration from diverse backgrounds to create unique and flavourful dishes to surprise and delight. Each season expect new and exciting selections alongside classical favourites year-round. Our emphasis on quality and providence provides an entirely new dining experience in the heart of Coburg in Melbourne’s North.

With an exceptionally varied and deep wine selection available, our team are here to help you find just the right beverage to celebrate any occasion (or day of the week).


Olivine Wine Bar

Olivine wine bar is nestled inside 170-year-old heritage-listed bluestone walls. Your host will guide you through this unconventional space until you find yourself engulfed by our luxurious dimly lit booths. Hidden away behind velvet curtains, the only distraction here is our novel like book of wine, your key to our walk-in cellar boasting an exceptional selection from different corners of the globe. Your journey through wine awaits.